Monday, 17 April 2017

Day Three

I was going to post this last night, but was too tired, after my early morning and a very busy day standing at Max. It was a lovely Easter service at the lake, and cool but not freezing. While we were out, there must have been a visitor as there were a few of these left at the sewing table!

 Everyone is off to a late start this morning as I am the first one up, and it is already 7am. But it is still a public holiday day today, so there's no hurry is there?

I mentioned in my last post that I had been working on the table runner and placemats, and this is where I was up to when I went to bed Saturday evening. I had added the borders to this and pinned it ready for quilting in the morning. Sometime during the night I had second thoughts, and decided that if I quilted this on my domestic machine it would take me hours, and why would I not load it onto Max??? And if I had this on the table, there really was not a lot of room left for placemats. So overnight I decided not to make placemats, I would use the hexagons for a quilt instead?!?!

So after all those deep thoughts, this was unpinned and loaded onto Max instead.

I decided to have a day quilting, and joined the backs of 2 more little projects and loaded them on the machine as well. First was my Gloria Loughman Contoured Landscape and the other was a Ricky Tims Convergence with applique flowers. These flowers had only been fused on, and still needed to be stitched, which I did as part of the quilting. I am not sure whether I like this raw edge applique, but it is done, so that is a plus.

You will need to wait for photos as my "binding fairy" is still working on these. This fairy is amazing, as in between stitching some of her bees, she is binding, she is doing dishes, and tidying up things. She even gets most of her own meals,and feeds the cat, and has been seen out in the garden, pruning and in the back yard putting cardboard in the recycle bin. I would love a fairy like this all the time. Just imagine what jobs would get done! Dream on, I know!! But I did snap this fairy with her feet up relaxing, so it's not work all the time.  😉

We were joined yesterday by Mignon, who is working on a scrap quilt for a friend.

I know that Val muttered and moaned a lot the first morning, but after she got the system worked out, she made good progress and finished 6 blocks.There were 3 platypus and 3 frog blocks.

So more decisions, about how to set them out. She needs sashings, and has a few scraps left.

She sews them together.

And cuts them up, trying to work out how many she will need.

It all worked out pretty right, as you can see below. Looks great, and now she needs to decide on borders.

 Now it's time for brekkie, and a shower, and then to decide what I shall do today. I have made a slight dent in the pile, although they are mostly little projects, and don't look like much. I have today left, before work again tomorrow. I have pushed fairly hard the last 3 days, and need something easy for today, but all my projects left are not quick and easy.

Be back later.

Blessings, From Jude

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Vicki W said...

What a fabulous time you are having!