Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Time out.....

In case you think I am going away, I mean just a little break, about half an hour in fact!
I have been putting in some intense hours in the last week or so, and I looked out the window and saw a glimmer of sunshine, and decided to walk outside. I have been closeted indoors busy with a couple of very big custom quilting jobs, and working on Mystery quilts in between. The weather has been cold and wet, and I had not ventured into the garden for awhile. And it shows. There is a little bit of colour, so I grabbed the phone for some photos. (I am still getting some blurry shots though.)

Even though the sun was out, it was still very cold, and the temperature is only 14deg today.

My succulent garden under the front tree, is doing well, and would be very easy care, if I finished mulching the area! There are still a few weeds awaiting my attention.

These impatients under the tree in the side garden are still flowering, and I tried to catch the sun glinting on the leaves.

These are very hardy, and just keep on self seeding, and look cheerful in their corner by the woodshed.

It must be getting close to Mother's Day as my chrysanthemums are all blooming.

The hibiscus is still flowering.

I took these photos of my dahlias, a few weeks ago, and just as well, because they are gone now.

And just in case you think the garden is all lovely, I took the following photos, to show you what some places really look like. Being honest now! And it is showing me just how little time I have spent out there in the last couple of months!!

It's time to pull out the summer plants, and put in some pansies. Maybe I need to schedule a couple of hours of garden time this weekend?

The soursobs have taken off already in this area.

And while I am being real and honest, here is another sad spot in the garden. It did look lovely full of petunias and snapdragons, until it rained. Obviously there is not enough drainage in the bath, and it gets a bit wet! I think that I shall have to find another use and spot for the old bath, down in the back yard somewhere out of site. But it might take a bit of hard labour to empty the dirt, (soggy dirt at that!) and shift the bath. So I have deferred that job for another time.

So I decided to bring a bit of outside colour inside, but you can see that my floral arrangement skills are not good. (I might stick with the quilting??)

This is what I am working on at the moment, and have quite a few hours left yet. It is a beautiful quilt, and being custom quilted. This is another quilt that I can't imagine ever making with all that hand work.

And another blurry photo, but you get the picture, my work space, with the laptop, writing instructions and, or designing in EQ7, piles of fabric, waiting to be cut, or maybe still waiting for decisions about what they will be turned into. And some cases, waiting for the checking lady, and some still with plans in them, waiting to be cut. My checking lady does an amazing job, by working through my scribbles, and workings out, correcting my maths if needed, and then counting all the pieces of fabric in each bag!! Thankyou Pat.

Well, my half hour has now turned into an hour, so I better get back to Max, and put in another 2 hours, before I switch him off. Then I will cut another quilt, and write the instructions before bed. I have been burning a bit of "midnight" oil this week. And when I say that, I don't mean midnight, as 9 or 10 is late for me.

That's all the newsfromjude for now. I am going to turn the heater on now.

Blessings, From Jude


jfoster8 said...

love you garden.

Michele Hill said...

It is all just lovely Jude and I feel like I am there with you xx

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Your garden looks beautiful! I love plants that self seed best... :) I am not a great gardener!! You are so busy with all your designs, cutting and quilting... I am so looking forward to seeing what is in my case!! xx

Susan Smith said...

The garden is looking very good although you've not spent much time there. We've had such weird seasons so far this year with not much rain & hot to start & then it seems straight into wet & cold. No autumn!! It is 2deg as I write this, here in east Vic. That quilt is a amazing & the cases are coming along nicely. I couldn't see any "orange".(giggle). Looking forward to the weekend & hope we meet Pat too, so we can all thank her as well.

Sue SA said...

I just planned to plant up an old concrete laundry trough, but up a layer of scoria in the bottom first, so there was room for the water to sit while it was draining. Still hoping it doesn't flood too much! Parts of your garden are looking lovely. A garden is always a WIP I have decided!