Monday, 3 April 2017

A winner............

The winner of the competition for the little shopping trolley, as pictured, is Joy of  Days Filled with Joy! Congratulations Joy, and I shall be in touch with you for an address to send your trolley. I look forward to seeing what you might make with those little squares of gorgeous fabric. If you click on the link to Joy's blog you will see that she is currently living in Arabia, and went camping in the desert recently. The photos she took are awesome.

Thankyou to all those who entered, and maybe next time your name will be a winner. I love to hear from you, and received some comments via email and text. I know some of you don't have a google account, and there was even one lady who emailed me and said she would get a google account one day! When I thought about it, and remembered she is on facebook, I told her she had a google account for that, and guess what, she can now leave a comment on the blog!

I recently heard from Flossy Patched Britches, who said she changed settings so that I could reply to her, but that has not worked. I would love to hear from you again, with an email address. And there are others who send comments, but are no-reply blog address' too.

Time to get back to spend some more time with Max, and the custom quilt I am working on. I had an "err derr" moment with this one on Saturday. It is made with oriental fabrics, and I took a photo of it, and hung it up on the back wall to "talk" to me. At a glance, I could see it had dragonflies, oriental fans, and gingko leaves on it. So went looking for the appropriate patterns for the quilting. When I was loading the top and checked to see if it had a "direction", I examined the "leaves" closely, and found out they had heads, and were in fact cranes!!!!!!?? Like I said, an "err derr" moment.

Be back soon, lots more news to come.

Blessings, From Jude


Susan Smith said...

Lucky Joy & congrats to her. I know that she will love those colours I'm so lucky to know her personally. Weren't the desert photos awesome, though not sure that I'd want to be out there.
I'm a no-reply blogger & have tried to change it to my email that I use all the time, but it will only take my gmail address which I've never activated. How do I try & fix all of that?
Have a good week & take care.

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

I'm soooooo excited!!! And it's pink!!!!!! I love it! Thank you! xx

flossypatchedbritches said...

Hi again Judy! I couldn't work out the problem (not sure I have yet) with "no reply" BUT . . . I often receive responses from bloggers when I use Wordpress. SO checking that account gave me no clues. RATZ! THEN I sought to open my Blogger account. To my astonishment I was advised I don't have one ???? Very curious? So I opened a Blogger account. Now I'm told I've been on Blogger since 2014. That's what I thought? I've now played with my profile there and all the settings and hope you will be able to reach me. Fingers crossed X Toes too X Just in case. Great post, by the way, abnd congratulations to Joy. Hope she'll show us what she makes in the future some time.