Thursday, 17 November 2016


I don't know just what is happening with the weather this year, but it is so changeable. Winter has gone on, and on, with a little tease of spring sunshine here and there. Last weekend the temps were down to 18 and 16, and I was cold enough to light the fire again. Today, only 4 days later, the temp reached a max of 35 deg, with strong winds added in!!! This is someone who does not do heat well, and to get this high with no gradual lead up has wilted me. I know I sound like a wimp, but this weather is so demotivating. Probably in the summer when we have had some days of over 40, then 35 will seem like a cool change. Just bring it on gradually.
So the water is going on the garden tonight and in the morning, in the hope that it will not wilt too. As it has been so wet and cool, the roots of the plants will not be very deep, and will need time to adjust. The wind has done some damage to the tall plants, which are struggling to stay up.

The foxgloves have bent over in the wind.

You can see the cornflowers that have been flattened behind this flower.

As I step outside the laundry door, I am overwhelmed with the perfume of many plants.
The sweet peas are flowering at last, even though they were wind blown also.

The honeysuckle is flowering and smells so sweet!

And the carnations are starting to show their different colours.

Lots more colour to be seen, and don't be fooled, there are plenty of weeds in between. I need some serious gardening time very soon.

I received some seeds from a friend, that were not named, so it was like a lucky dip, waiting to see what they are! I think they are Love in the Mist, correct me if I am wrong. Thankyou Gay!

I have never been much of a geranium girl, but have decided, that they might rate some serious space in my garden, with their lovely flowers, in lots of different colours!

I planted 2 new roses in the front garden, earlier in the year, and have been rewarded with some flowers this week. It is a Gallipoli rose.

And a fuschia seems very happy to be in a shady spot under a tree in the front garden too.

This is the view right outside my workroom door, and has the birds busy at the nectar.

I still have not got to the pots of cacti, waiting patiently to be planted in the new garden. But I am rewarded with a flower by one who was not waiting to be planted out.

I hope you have enjoyed my little bit of colour, as I am  not sure just how long it will last, as the summer heat comes.

It has been a day of housework today, with some washing, cleaning, and dusting etc. Then it was Bible Study group, and then a Patchwork Committee meeting following that. I still some cleaning and sorting out of clothes to do in the morning, when I hope it will be much cooler. Then I am off for a few days away.

Blessings, From Jude


Chookyblue...... said...

Lovely flowers.... Temps are like a roller coated...... Although we now have 5 x35 days

Sue SA said...

So glad the sweet peas finally bloomed. Everyone loves a garden in bloom and you cannot see the weeds so much when the flowers are plentiful! The heat and wind knocked over my tall plants too. I am hoping we have a mild summer!

Susan Smith said...

Your garden is looking very lush & colourful. The weather has definitely been weird & like you I detest the heat, though some warm (not hot) days are lovely to spend in the garden. We've very little shade in this garden & I just don't seem as enthusiastic as I was on the other side of town. Take care & hope to see you tomorrow.

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

I wilted yesterday too Judy, today is much much better... your garden looks so pretty... xx