Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Sewing for me!!

Last weekend I did some weeding in the garden on Saturday, and had intended to do more on Sunday. I went to church in the morning, and it was a bit gloomy and cloudy outside in the afternoon, so I changed my mind, and actually sat at the table and did some sewing for me. It felt really strange to have a weekend with no committments.
 I decided to do some more work on my QCR project that had been started in the workshop that I posted about end of October. So I had to remember just what I had done in the class. I must have been in another "zone" that day, as I have now realised that I have made a few boo boos! It really does pay to READ the instructions. Apparently I have made a cutting error, which explains why the pieces did not fit like they should have. Everyone kept saying, don't worry, you will trim it back! Anyway now I know where I went wrong, and I have decided this project will only be a bed runner, and it will be done. Maybe my quilter will be able to fix it for me, and "quilt it out"!!??

These photos are of the quilt that Lois made using the same pattern. You might notice that her rings are not as wide, and that's because she cut as the instructions said to!!

This was quilted allover with a pattern called Simple Feathers, and will be a gift for  friends who are moving into a new house.

And even if I did make mistakes, and it's not turning out as I had planned, I still enjoyed my afternoon at the sewing machine. A friend called in, and when she saw me, she said "You're sewing!!" Note to self, do more of it!  It feels good.

The week has almost disappeared again, and I have been busy at the quilting machine. I thought that there were no real deadlines, but then realised just how close the beginning of December is, and I need to get some out of the queue, ready for a delivery to Adelaide. And as I am going to take a few days out to go to Melbourne next week, then I need to keep moving.

Tomorrow it is Gumnut Angels sewing day, and today I quilted 3 of their quilts so that someone can put the binding on.  Our pile of finished quilts to be donated has dwindled to one, so the quilter needed to get into action. Tomorrow I will load another custom quilt, to work on while the other girls do "angel" things.

That's all the newsfromjude for this time. My bed is calling me. Good night.

Blessings, From Jude


Susan Smith said...

Maybe you should do a workshop & teach us where not to make the same mistakes as you. I guess that your 'quilter' will definitely be able to fix it. I have one of those rulers, but have lost all my crafting mojo since we got back (must have flown out of the plane into the wide blue yonder) & would love to get it back soon. Is that AQM that you are going to? Have a great weekend. Take care.

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Yay! Sewing for yourself is the best! And hard to come by when sewing is also your "job" :) Well done... xx

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Metro Rings; I have one in the queue of UFO's-- it's not for the beginner, that's for sure. Ha! Yours will all work out, I have many "lesson learned" projects of my own, believe me... I understand! Enjoy your weekend~

Jean McGee said...

Good for you sewing for yourself, it's a lovely thing to give yourself some time and enjoy what you do 😀😀😀