Sunday, 13 November 2016

Grandma Duty

 Last night I was blessed to do grandma duty with Miss Bridie while her mum and dad went to an engagement party. This is the first time that I have had her stay here overnight, and I got lots of instructions of what to do when she woke up duriing the night as she does not usually sleep well in the portable cot. Either I was lucky, or still have the touch, or maybe she was just really tired, as she went to sleep at 7pm, and slept all through the night until 6am this morning. She is growing up so fast, and developing her own little personality.  Loves to investigate everything, and getting to be a little chatterbox now. I can't say I understand everything she says, but that does not matter at all.

Here she is reading her Beatrix Potter book, although I think it might be a bit early, and as the book was upside down, the pictures did not make much sense like that.

She was very excited to see her reflection in the glass oven door!

DS went back to the specialist this week to get the leg checked out. The plaster came off, and the healing is progressing as it should be.

The leg is now in a moon boot for another 4 weeks, although he still is unable to put any weight on the leg. So he should be up and around by Christmas.

They have gone home now, and I have to admit that I have had a nana nap in the lounge chair today.

The weather has been stormy and wet again, after a high temperature on Friday of 30deg. And Thursday it should be in the low 30's. So changeable at the moment.

Tomorrow it is back to the quilts again, and getting ready for a train trip next Friday.

Blessings, From Jude


Jean McGee said...

Bridie is growing fast and how lovely that you had her overnight, she obviously was very relaxed with you to skeet all night. Precious moments for both of you. 😀

Sue SA said...

Precious time with little Miss! I am sure you have not lost the "nack" of child minding! Sunday was such a good day for sewing, nothing like wet windy weather to create the perfect excuse to spend the day inside stitching, hope you got to do some too.

Susan Smith said...

How lovely to babysit & she is just so cute. They all love pianos don't they? Mine all made a bee line for it when they were younger. Glad DS's leg is healing well & hope he is good by Xmas. Enjoy the your quilting & take care.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Your granddaughter is precious! My son, too, has similar hardware in his leg/ankle following a motorcycle accident several years ago.
I hope your son will continue the speedy healing!