Sunday, 20 November 2016

Quilting update

It must be time for another posting of quilt photos. I still have quite a few that I have not shown yet. 

First up is one made by Margaret, and it was so cute, with panels all relating to quilting. This was quilted allover with a pattern called Popcorn.

 I love this one with the lady hanging all her quilts on the line.

I am not too sure about all those pins in her mouth. Hope she doesn't cough, and swallow them.

This is a quilt made by Di, using different T Shirts, for a friend who is into music, so was quilted allover with a pattern called Jazz.

Another quilt made by Di, originally called Macca's Farm, but renamed with their own surname.

This quilt is a disappearing 9patch quilt, with sashing, that was made by Maria, and quilted allover with a Rose pattern.

Made by Prue for her grand daughter of school house blocks, with stars in the sashing cornerstones, and quilted allover with a Meander pattern.

The next 3 quilts are all made in the same class using the Quick Curve Ruler, and it was a challenge to quilt them all differently as I knew they would all be hanging in the same exhibition together.

This is the Metro Hoops quilt, in bright greens and pinks, made by Erica, and custom quilted with a geometric pattern in the large circle and curved lines in the rings.

Jenny's Metro Hoops quilt, made in Oriental fabrics, and quilted with a Cherry Blossom pattern in the big circles.

I will add this photo again,(as I know I posted this quilt earlier), just so you can compare the 3 together. This is Sherrels Metro Hoops which was custom quilted with feathers.

That's all for today, although there are still more quilts to post yet. But it's time to go and get ready for today's special event. This morning we have spent going through a lot of the fabrics, and braids, and laces etc of Kiki Fabrics and sorting it into piles. I will have more information about this in due course.

Blessings, From Jude


Chookyblue...... said...

Wow you did well working out 3 different designs for the qcr quilts.....

Susan Smith said...

All lovely Judy, especially the customs. Take care.

Sue SA said...

All lovely, but especially love seeing the three metro rings quilted differently - what a great effect. Such a great tool, need to make a quilt using my curved ruler!