Friday, 4 November 2016

Our day out.....

We have arrived home from the Craft and Quilt Fair after a good day out. There was much to see, friends to meet up with, and shops to tempt us. I took a few photos, but as I don't have permission from the owners, I will only post those I am able to. 
I attended a meeting this morning, while Marie and Jean had the whole day at the show. Marie did 2 classes with Saffron Craig and printed her own fabric. There were a lot of special quilt displays to admire, including Celebrating Silver, A Matter of Time, the 2016 AQC Challenge, and Textiles from Japan, and others as well. It made me want to go home and "play".

Michele had a special table where she was selling her new book and signing each copy. She was kept busy all day, so our catchup was brief. The quilts from her book were displayed as well.

A group of SA quilters, (SAlt group) had a display of their work, called Inner Journeys. Here is Francie with some of her work, which was amazing. You can read about her journey in the photo below. I love what they have done, and admire the ideas they come up with, but my imagination is a bit more traditional! I used to see Francie often as she was a member of the Valuation Panel, but since she retired from that, it is only an occasional catchup. 

This is the information about the Matter of Time exhibition and a list of the exhibitors. I can imagine myself doing some of these and really liked a few.

I read the blog of  Linda Steele, and have watched her progress on her under water series of quilts, so hope she won't mind me posting this one. I do have a reef quilt that I started back in July, and this makes me want to get back to it, (although it certainly won't be this elaborate!)

It was a good day out, with special friends, and much chatter and banter between us. The trip always seems to go much quicker with someone to talk too, and the 3 hour journey there, and 3 hours back again, was over before we knew it. And once again I met a couple of ladies, who read my blog. Thankyou. (And Joylene, can you contact me with your email address please?)

The USA celebrate Thanksgiving in America, and I don't know the whole history of this, but I am reading the blog of a friend over there, and she is posting each day, of something specific that she is thankful for. This seems like a great idea, and after a couple of events in the last few days, I am reminded of just how much we have to be thankful for. This week a young boy in our town, has died, at his school, and left the town stunned. And a young lady in her early 40's who was in DD1's primary school class, has also died. Both much too young, and a reminder that death is not always just for the older population. My heart and prayers go out to the family's and friends of these 2 people. I am thankful that Miss Bridie's knee has healed, DS's leg will mend, and the car that collided with a kangaroo will be fixed.

Time to finish this and bed is sounding like a good idea, after an early start to the day. Tomorrow I have a custom quilt to finish, and the garden is in need of a water, as the rain has eased off in the last couple of weeks. Will be back with a catchup of recent quilt photos soon, as I see that there are a few in the September list not shown yet. How did it get to be November, already??

From Jude


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

A day spent with friends looking at quilts and shopping really is the best day, isn't it? I look forward to seeing your most recent quilting exploits. Enjoy your weekend~

Jean McGee said...

Busy time with the quilt show, sorry I couldn't get there but enjoy seeing them on your blog. 😀😀