Saturday, 19 November 2016

Saturday's report

This was the sign that greeted us this morning as we arrived at the Exhibition Centre car park to attend Australian Quilt Market. A very "officious" attendant also told us we could not enter. And there are NOT car parks in abundance in the centre of Melbourne, so after a bit of driving further to find a park, and a LONG walk back to the exhibition centre, we found this sign had been removed and the attendant letting people into the car park!! (I think I have had enough exercise in one day to last me a month!!)

We had a lovely morning checking out what was offered by the traders, and here we are with our (mostly mine!!) purchases. There is more than this, which will be freighted straight to my house.
Met up with lots of quilters that I knew, including Susan,, whose blog I read.

This is a photo of what was in the bags, and hopefully you will see some turn up in future "Pick-a-Case" Mystery retreats. And I might say that it weighed quite heavy on the LONG walk back to the car, (although I did not have to carry much, as DD3 to the rescue!)

After we left AQM, I thought that we were headed for a coffee place, and then DD3 stopped outside this place. I had told her that I have been recently watching the series of The Block and asked her where it was. So we went to see it, although we could not get inside.

 The next stop was to a coffee shop, although you might be forgiven if you drove straight past this place, which was in fact a cafe! No sign at the door, and it looks just like an old building. The inside still looked like an old factory, but it was also a very busy, trendy eating place, which also had good coffee.

 After a brief time back home, we all headed out for an evening meal of fish and chips, and the best place around apparently is this cafe that was a 15 minute drive away. The place was packed, and people were waiting for tables, which is a good indication that the food was good. And it was, although I needed a container to take home what I could not eat.

Photo taken outside while we were waiting the more than half hour for a table to be available, and all the while being able to smell the fish and chips!!

That's all the newsfromjude for today, and I will be back with another update tomorrow. I am looking forward to the plans for tomorrow evening.

Blessings, From Jude


Susan Smith said...

It was lovely seeing you briefly yesterday, as we'd all had transport problems of one kind or another. That haul of jelly rolls must have nearly wiped them out. I stood looking, but hadn't take any cash with me, but I do have the luxury of being able to drive to Vic Textiles & buy them off the sale table. It's a much more relaxed wander amongst quilty bits 'n' bobs & catching up with people you've met before, than some of the bigger shows that are sooooo crowded. Enjoy the rest of your stay & take care.

Sue SA said...

I see a lot of batiks quilts in your stitching future!

Chookyblue...... said...

Great haul there and looks like your enjoying your time away......