Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Melbourne Cup Day

Yesterday was Melbourne Cup Day in Australia, and the Victorians even have a public holiday for this event. Even those who don't follow the horse racing, know of this event. It was a good excuse for a group of quilters to get together for a day of sewing, (well some of us did), and a day of chatter, and a some sweeps for each race. And a bit of discussion about the fashions on the field (of the ladies and the gents!) at the race day.

All eyes were on the horses as they were racing.

And a bit of cheering when you could see your horse near the front. 

A good excuse to get dressed up!

Pat was our "bookie", and we were big risk takers, with 50c a ticket!! This would be the only bets that most of us would have for the year. Probably wouldn't call it a bet, because you got the horse that you drew out of the 'hat', which might have been a good one, or not!

 She kept a tally of the day.

And we were really "in the money" for the big race, with $1 tickets!! I know I spent $5 for the day, and won back $4,50!!

Lunch time, and a toast, some with bubbles, and some with cordial or water!

Pavlova went down well, and was the first one I have baked in my oven. I have decided that I might need to adjust the temperature, and the cooking time slightly, for the next one.

There was a little bit of sewing, and even some crocheting, done by a few of the girls for the day.

It was another good day with fellow quilters, and friends. This was the last planned event at Number 8 for this year. 2017 will start out with an Australia Day retreat at end of January. So until then I have a chance, I think, to do some of my projects, and get some more work done in parts of my garden and hopefully, some order in my bedroom!!??

Today, it is time to get back to work again, and load another quilt. I have 2 days, and then another day trip to the city for the Stitches and Craft show at Wayville, and a meeting of the QGSA Judging Panel, on Friday.


Susan Smith said...

That looks like you had fun. I didn't even know who won the cup till just as we were leaving DDs at about 7.30pm, so you can guess I'm not into horse racing either. At least a bit of stitching got done, from an industrious few & the pavlova looks very tempting. Take care.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Sounds like a great day, food, friends and stitching... what could be better? Thanks for sharing!