Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Catching up once again....

It seems to be either feast or famine here with my blog postings. It might be days, or over a week, or sometimes daily, but never fear, I come back eventually! I just don't know where the days are going, and tomorrow the calendar ticks over to a new month. And we know what that month means, don't we? (Shhhh, don't say it!)

Since I came home from Melbourne, which was in the middle of a week, I have lost track of what day it actually is. I have managed to finish the 2 custom quilts that I needed to get done, and also fitted in a sewing weekend for my cousin and her daughter. It turned out to be bigger than planned, as we were joined by Julie and Pat, who came to work on their projects as well. Sorry I did not have the camera out on Saturday, but did take a few on Sunday.

Helen and Kristy came here back in July, when Helen learned to make her first quilt. Since then she decided to buy herself a nice, new sewing machine and has had a few lessons on how to use it. They thought they would like another weekend in Bordertown, and as she has now finished the binding on her quilt, it was decided to do some applique cushion covers. She thought roses would be nice, and took some photographs of the roses blooming in her garden. My job was to teach her how to do this.

We thought it would be nice to piece the background for the applique, and a log cabin design in various creams and whites was planned. Strips were cut, and the sewing machine was unpacked. Last time it was used was learning about the walking foot, and when we took the walking foot off to attach the 1/4" foot, we found out that the shank? elbow? (whatchmacallit?) was missing. So Helen, who had been looking forward to learning to do applique on her new machine was very disappointed and had to use one of my other machines. 😢😢

This is the photo of a rosebud in the garden, which was the basis for her pattern.

This photo looks as though I am telling her something she needs to know ??

And here is Helen, very proudly displaying 2 blocks ready for stitching when she can finally use her machine. She did a great job drawing up the pattern and learning about the "overs and unders" and using vliesofix. I am tipping that these blocks don't make it into cushion covers, and will be the start of a quilt instead??

Back in July Kristy had made a quilt for her daughter, which I photographed back then. This time she came ready to learn how to quilt it, and had the 3 layers all basted and ready to go. But when she had it under her machine, she realised how big a job it would be, turning the quilt etc. It's probably a job you should learn on a smaller project. Because she had done such a good job basting, I was able to load it onto Max, who quilted the centre part for her. Then she finished it by quilting straight lines around the outer border, and was very happy to get it finished before she went home.

When they were packing up ready to go home, I suggested to Helen that she could use a pizza box to put her blocks in, so that they would not get creased. I had some, and cleared one out for her to use. And they departed, on the 3 hour trip for home. Later that evening they texted me that the thingamajig for her machine, was in the walking foot box at home!! That was great, as now she could get onto sewing her roses.
But, next morning I received another text message...... I can't find my pizza box, did I leave it there??
Whoopsie, after they left, I cleared the table and put things away.....including Helen's box with her blocks inside!!! Which means, she still can't sew her blocks. 😁

In between the quilting, and the telling someone what to do, I managed to finish my annual customer Christmas card and annual newsletter mailout, and it is not even December!!!! That is a miracle.

I was going to post some more quilt photos as there is still quite a few in the waiting to be blogged queue. But I have decided it is too late, and well past my bed time. Tomorrow is another day, so I will be back soon.

Blessings, From Jude

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