Tuesday, 22 November 2016

On the tram

The special surprise that DD3 and DSIL had planned for me turned out to be trip on The Melbourne Restaurant Tram. We had planned to do this on a previous trip, but the tram was booked out. It is a very popular tourist thing to do. So our trip was booked before I arrived. 
The first 2 photos were taken while we were waiting at the tram stop, and shows the high rise of Melbourne city. Not too sure how I would enjoy living so high up. Makes me very thankful for my space in the country.

The tram that we went on.

We enjoyed a 3 course dinner, while travelling around the streets of South Melbourne and St Kilda, and back again to the city.

Yesterday was spent sorting all the stuff, and cutting fabric for fat quarter packs, and we achieved a lot by the end of the day. The weather was rather warm, and overnight there was a storm, with lots of wind and rain. Today is about 20deg cooler, so is a relief.
I am on the train now, on my way home, after a lovely few days of time out.

Tomorrow it will be back to quilting with Max again, for a few days before my cousin comes back for another sewing weekend.

Blessings, From Jude

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