Monday, 28 March 2016

The Black and Bling Birthday Party

Lunchtime today we held a special surprise party for one of the girls who is celebrating a special "O" birthday this week. As the theme for the weekend has been Black and Bling we carried on with it and the extra guests came all dressed in their black and bling. The table was decorated with some bling, and even the chairs got some special ribbons. Sorry I did not get photos of all the other decorations. Thankyou to Raelene who loves to decorate. Most of the photos below speak for themselves.

A birthday gift was given, which was very humorous and contained some of the things that might be needed at this age!!

Just before the next photo was taken, Raelene was putting the candles on the cake, and wondered how we were going to light the candles. I went into the lounge to get the matches, which were on the combustion heater, and on my way back to the kitchen, I tripped on a chair leg and ended up on the floor! Just a bit of drama for the afternoon. No broken bones, and I still have some padding for a soft landing, so all is well. I think I remember someone taking a photo while I was on the floor, but not sure if it would be very glamorous for a black and bling occasion! Maybe I might have a bruise or two tomorrow??

This is the obligatory group photo of the retreat stayers, which will be added to the wall of fame!

And these are some of the lunch time guests who looked the part in their black and bling. Love the top hat, and thanks girls for adding to the fun.

It has been a very successful inaugural retreat at Number 8, and I look forward to many more. The house renovations have all worked well. I have enjoyed being more a part of the retreat as I did not have to go home "across the road" to cook and sleep.

Tomorrow it is time to get back to the quilting  machine and finish 2 customs ready for delivery on Saturday.

Blessings, From Jude

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