Thursday, 10 March 2016

Faye's quilt

Just a quick post this morning before I get on with my day, or my mother might tell me again how many days since I posted!

This Metro Medallion quilt was made by Faye, using the Quick Curve Ruler (QCR) that the girls from "Sew Kind of Wonderful" have designed. I know the rulers are obtainable in Australia and there are lots of different quilt patterns to be made using them. I have to confess to having one of these rulers, but not used it yet. If you want more information google the above, as last time I tried to put in a link I goofed it, (as you might have noticed in my last post).

It was an interesting process working out how to quilt this and Faye just left it up to me. I searched for patterns that had been made for this design and did not come up with much. I contacted Sharon Perry from House of Creations in New Zealand and after about 30 emails going back and forth across the sea, we settled on the following patterns. It is a mix of modern and traditional as there are 2 patterns used in the blocks, and another for the "sashings" in black.  Thankyou Sharon and also Faye for trusting me with your quilt. I know we are all very happy with the end result.

It has been a very hot week here, with the temperature getting up to 42deg on Tuesday. I have woken up this morning to steady rain, which is lovely, although it is quite humid.

Since I last posted I have finished the painting, and put it all away, (until I get motivated outside). And all is ready for action in the kitchen this weekend!! (I might be just a tad excited about a new kitchen, but then I look at my "camp kitchen" set up and wonder, if I have managed for 3 weeks like this, whether I need a "proper" kitchen at all??)

Monday I went to Murray Bridge to attend the funeral of my uncle, who was 78 years old. He packed a lot into his life, and had many interests, including photography, gardening, pistol shooting, woodwork, sport and of course his family. As much as a funeral is a sad time, it is also a catchup time with family that you don't see very often, and it was good to catch up with a few cousins.)

This morning I have Bible Study meeting here at 7am, and later it is the Angels sewing day as well. And sometime this afternoon there will be a bus load of about 40 ladies coming to check out my quilting machine, as part of the CWA conference that is in Bordertown this week. They are touring the district and visiting a few business.

So it is time to sign off, and get organised. There is a quilt on Max that needs to be finished so that I can quilt a few "Angel's" quilts this afternoon.

Blessings, From Jude


Sue SA said...

Faye showed us her quilt, it looked fantastic, your quilting really highlighted the block design. Raining here too, glad for the garden and the kids sports day tomorrow, better to be humid then searing heat and having kids get sunstroke. Hope the kitchen construction goes well.

Susan Smith said...

I've had my eye on one of those rulers for some time now and love their patterns. Must get one after seeing what you have done with the quilting too. Clever you and Sharon, oh, and Faye. Yes it's definitely been hot here too, but not quite as bad as yours and it's raining here too. Am looking forward to seeing the kitchen in a few weeks and it will really get it's first big test I think. Have a lovely day with all your activities and take care.

Alison Bacon said...

Stunning quilting, you are so clever, always love seeing your work!

Michele Hill said...

No kitchen just yet I see but so looking forward to seeing it after the weekend….as you must be too! Love, love that quilting…..stunning Jude xx