Thursday, 17 March 2016

Still sorting "stuff"

Instead of "baring" the contents of my cupboards in this post as I did awhile back, this time it is the contents of "those" drawers. I had a cutlery drawer here, plus the drawer with all of those other things you "need"! And at The Sanctuary I also had a cutlery drawer and one of those other drawers! And the kitchen dresser that has now been consigned to the shed, also had a drawer, with "good" cutlery things, that were wedding presents all those long years ago.

Yesterday the guys were here tiling, and also the plumber fitting the kitchen sink and taps. The power was on and off during the day, which meant that quilting was going to be a bit difficult. So I took the opportunity to do some more sorting. The first photo shows the contents of all those drawers spread out on the dining room table! I might add that the "good" cutlery from over the road was not in this photo, as it is already in it's new drawer in the kitchen. But I was still left with all of this!!

How many can openers does one need, and how many of them even work well??

And this little pile of stuff, and I did not even know what that lime green thing was for! Until one of the tiling guys happened to walk past and recognised it. Apparently this was a project in the year 8 plastics class, and is a can opener. Who knew? I shall pass this on to DS for him to add to his collection.

And all of these wooden spoons. Obviously some have been well used, and others not at all.

And plastic spoons? I do use a few of these when serving meals at retreats.

My collection of knives is a bit sad. I mainly use 3 of these, one is small, one is a bread knife and the other is that large one in the centre. That was a wedding present back in 1973, and came with a carving fork, and a bread knife, which sadly was lost in the paddock years ago when DH was using to cut the strings on the hay!!

The collection of tongs, which I shall mostly keep.

What about all of these souvenir teaspoons?? They all come from places that I have never been to, but were given as gifts from others who had been. They have been put into their own container and will be dealt with "one day".

My collection of bottle openers, which I have little use for, and the cork screw which is hopeless to use, has been culled.

Another wedding gift of  silver dessert forks and spoons, which has languished in the drawer for 42 years, and had little use. And you can see that they have not had much attention either, because they are very tarnished. Must be time to polish the silver!

 My parents gifted us a cutlery set for our wedding present, and this is all that remains! Where has the rest of it gone to? Is there a cutlery heaven?

More wedding gifts, which have not had much use. I have kept some and culled the rest.

Rolling pins, of which the only one I use is the tupperware one at the top. The little ones were for the children to use, and had some use over the years and the other large wooden one was from a friend  who moved into aged care.

My collection of biscuit cutters which have had a lot of use in years gone by, but not sure how much in the future??

 And this is what I have condensed it down too. They will stay in the these containers until  April 9th, when DS will be back to fix a few things in the kitchen. I mentioned there were a few problems, and one was that the backs of the large drawer units were cut the wrong size. There were a few other things, which will be corrected and will wait until DS is back in town.

In the next couple of days the tilers, and the plumber will finish their jobs, and by the weekend I will be in!!  I shall blog the construction photos and the finish (except for the drawers) sometime on the weekend. Then it will be time to study the new stove manual and work out how to operate it. Almost need a uni degree I think. I need to practice in preparation for the next weekend when I have the first group coming to try out the "new" house. I can see some new saucepans in my future, as the book says I need stainless steel for the ceramic cooktop. I did not know what my saucepans were even made of, but I am told a magnet will stick to stainless steel, and a magnet does not stick to what I have now! The Sanctuary saucepans are still almost new, so I think they might be getting sold. Who knew that a set of cookware could get so complicated!

Better get busy with Max, and finish this custom which has been on too long. 

Blessings, From Jude


Susan Smith said...

Wow, that is quite a collection. Yes, I think there must be a cutlery heaven as we seem to misplace teaspoons mainly, but I still have all the dessert spoons. Ah, I remember little rolling pins well and making play dough. I've not any left these days, except my marble one and the wooden one. Hope it all comes together before the first arrivals. Take care.

Sue SA said...

Gift the teaspoons to your church or a sporting club like bowling clubs - for some reason teaspoons seem to disappear wherever people regularly meet and have cuppas! They would probably happily have a few bottle openers at the footy club! Who ever has the youngest kids needs the small rolling pins and cutters - but tell them they are to be passed on to the next set of grandies when they get to an age they like to cook or play with play dough. If nobody wants them, then the local kinder or playgroup will! Any of the kids go camping? Some cutlery for the camping box is always good. Knifes are always useful, so long as they are sharp.
My "other" draw holds string, rubber bands, freezer bag ties, marbles, balloons, birthday candles, random bits of kids toys, the list goes on!! A friend told me last night she recently found balloons in her hand bag - I suggested her handbag might be too big!

Pauline Clark said...

Great reading Judy.
One has great reminders when we shift or change our kitchens,or when we renovate. Looking forward to seeing finished renovations. Been a long haul, but worth it.xx