Sunday, 3 April 2016

Out and about

I finished those 2 custom quilts last week, and delivered them on Saturday. I will post photos in due course. I had another cooking session after that, and prepared a few things for the next retreat, and to take to family on Sunday. Friday I attended a funeral for family friend, which was very sad. A young life cut too short.

It has been a rather busy weekend, and I have covered a lot of kilometres in the car, and spent 10 hours behind the steering wheel.
Saturday morning saw a car load of us heading over the border to attend the Warracknabeal Quilters Exhibition. We had a lovely day out, viewing the quilts, socializing and chatting over a few cuppas. We did the tourist thing on the way home, and saw some different countryside.

These photos are from the exhibition and are of quilts that I had quilted. I took lots more photos, but have not got permission from the owners to show them. The colours are a bit washed out looking, as the light was not great in the hall for photos. It is always nice to see the finished quilt with binding on, as they are not really finished when they leave my room.

As usual there were shops to tempt you with their goodies. I know I left a few dollars there, as I am sure did many others. First up is the stall of Max and Dawns from Horsham.

And this is Quilters Harvest, who also had the shop in the main street open with lots more goodies.

This is Shirley in the Quilters Harvest shop standing alongside the quilt that she made, and that I posted on the blog last week. It makes a nice statement in the shop behind the counter.

While we were in Warracknabeal, we were told to drive 10 minutes out of town to view the painted silo's at Brim. I had not heard about these before, although some of the girls had. I am not sure just how much the photos really show, but it was an awesome site. It has become quite the tourist attraction and many people are stopping to see. I hope you can read the first photo if you click on it and enlarge it, otherwise you could google Brim Silo's and I am sure you can find out more info.

This was taken in the car park across the highway and gives a distance view.

You get another perspective here with the car parked on the side of the road, and if you look closely, you can see some people standing at the bottom of the silo. These paintings are of local identities.

And this is a photo of my purchases for the day. Just a few things to support the shops!!

Saturday evening my cousin and her husband came to stay on their way through to Melbourne, and left early the next morning. It was a lovely catch up time, and we enjoyed a meal together. Sorry, no photos. We enjoyed an extra hour of sleep, as daylight saving has now finished until next time. The days, and especially the nights, are getting cooler, and this week I have had the heater flue cleaned out, and the wood shed filled up, ready to light up soon.

Sunday morning after they left, I headed off in the car again, this time going to visit family, and of course a bit of shopping too.  Mr 5 year old had a birthday today, and as I had missed the post for his parcel, due to the Easter break, I thought a home delivery might be a good idea. I  phoned my mum and dad to see if they would like a drive. Due to a few health issues, dad declined, and mum came with me. It was a lovely trip and we chatted all the way there and back. It is not often that I have one on one time with my mum, so this was special. And it is the first time that she had visited DD2 and DS in their current homes.

Dressing up clothes seemed to be the gift ideas this year, and here is the birthday boy in his Darth Vader outfit, and the special cake his mum made for him, followed by the superman outfit he also received,

Not far from their house, is a bike track that goes to the next town, and at the start of the track are these 2 "figures". They look great, and I had to take a photo.

 And at the next house, we spent time with this smiley little girl! I can't believe just how fast she is growing, and that little baby has gone. She is 8 months old now.

A family photo outside their house, but little miss was more interested in Dad's hat than looking at the camera.

Dad has a few "pet" magpies, that wait patiently for him to feed them, and here they are sitting on the fence. Dad loves it in the morning when they sit up in the tree nearby and "sing".

Tomorrow it is our local patchwork day, and I hope to start some work in my garden. I visited the plant shop on my travels today, and have a nice collection to get in the ground.
It is a short working week for me this week, as I have a trip to the city on Friday, and then am looking forward to a lovely weekend retreat with Statler users at Number 8.

I shall be back soon, with some more quilt photos for you. Enjoy your week.

Blessings, From Jude


Susan Smith said...

That was certainly a busy weekend and hope you are not too tired for us this coming one. Love the silos and I've not heard about them. Ah, magpies with your Dad. I've at least five that come for food, but one is special as he has a turned up claw and has been coming now since about September, when he was very young. I love their carolling. See you next weekend and take care.

Sue SA said...

Wow you have been busy. I was sorry to miss the Warracknabeal show, but we had visitors. Ironically I tried to lure them that way so they could see the Brim silos but they wanted to hang out here! So good you got to take your Mum on a road trip, what a lovely way for her to see the great grandies and you to have some time together.

Linda Steele said...

What a busy time you've had, but catching up with friends and family is so good. I love magpies and their lovely singing as well.

Michele Hill said...

Wow Jude….what a long post for you to do…thank you! So good to see it all and I love, love those silo paintings….incredible…maybe we might see more around the country. I've got the drive back along the Coorong today - a bit more promotion of our beautiful state for Wendy Williams (!!) and this time I might take her across the river on the ferry at Wellington and then through Strathalbyn. Anyway big hugs and have a good week xx

Jean McGee said...

Thanks for your lovely news Judy, always good to hear what is going on in your part of the country and in your life. Xxx