Sunday, 20 March 2016

Boiled eggs and stewed apples...

Just a quick blog post this morning, before I go to church. I have spent all the time since my last post sorting, moving stuff and CLEANING! Amazing just how far the dust had spread. I have most things where I want them, for now, except the drawers that are not done yet. I have one bedroom full of "get rid of stuff", and will need to deal with this before someone needs to sleep in the bed next weekend! And my pergola looks like a building site, with "stuff".

I had intended to master the new stove yesterday, but that did not happen. So this morning, it was time. I have some special people coming for lunch this afternoon. This morning I have almost worked out the hotplates and managed to boil eggs and stew apples. 
Who knew that it would be exciting to boil eggs and stew apples? As I have had hardly cooked anything since September, this has been a big event, and I will explain that more in another post.

And after I get home from church, I hope to work out how to operate this oven, and to bake something with those stewed apples in it! All this touch control stuff is a bit more complicated than turning a dial. I do hope that lunch is not burnt, but I do have a backup dessert in the freezer.

Better go and get ready to walk out the door, and hope to be back later tonight with a report on the kitchen reno and photos of the process.

Blessings, From Jude

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Susan Smith said...

Hope you soon work everything out and cook up a storm. Take care.