Tuesday, 15 March 2016


It's time for a few more quilt photos and a brief update on the weekend just gone.

First is Sam's quilt, which was quilted with an all over butterfly design. Very bold colours with the black and looks good.

This quilt was made by Louisa, and is her first quilt, and all hand pieced! Well done Louisa. This is to go overseas for a friend, and was quilted with 2 patterns, alternating rows of gum 
leaves and music notes.

And this quilt is Marie's one block wonder, all made of triangles, set into hexagons and stitched together. A few of the hexagons were dyed red, which adds that bit of interest to the quilt. Very striking, and quilted al lover with modern waves.

After a very busy long weekend, I now have an almost funtioning kitchen! I will come back with a more comprehensive report and photos of the process later when I have more time. There were quite a few errors made by the suppliers, and DS managed to fix some but not all. That means that it will be awhile before he is able to get back here with new sections. Hopefully the tilers will be here soon to do the wall tiles, and I shall be contacting the plumber today to let him know he can come and connect the water and install the dishwasher. I have been filling cupboards, and still have a few boxes left to sort, although as I have no drawers until they are fixed, I will be keeping some things in boxes for awhile yet. The power is all connected and I have a functioning stove. And I love my new kitchen. Thankyou to DS and DSIL for an amazing job.

This morning I need to get back to the quilting, and have a custom loaded onto Max.

Blessings, From Jude


Pauline Clark said...

Your kitchen is beautiful Judy. Your son & son in law have done a wonderful job. You will have so much pleasure from it.s use.xx

Sue SA said...

Yah for having a nearly functioning kitchen! Pity about the errors, but hopefully that is fixed soon.

Susan Smith said...

Must be good not to be using as many boxes and at least able to cook on a functioning stove. Well done boys! Take care.