Sunday, 20 March 2016

Baking success and visitors

 Since this mornings post I have made the following. Looking at the instruction manual over the last few weeks had me a bit worried about using the cooker. But if I just concentrate on the function I want to cook on and forget the rest, it is not so complicated. There are a few beeps happening that I am not sure of, but time will tell.

I guess that what goes around, comes around, and a "friend" used my camera. I like to be on the other side of the lens.

This couple were my lunchtime guests, and it was great to catch up with Michele and Larry, who were travelling home from Victoria. They and Pat were the first guests to eat in the new kitchen.
 Those eggs that were boiled were added to a chicken salad, and the apples were made into an apple crumble. And Michele is not actually holding a tea towel in the photo, although it looks like that. We were auditioning fabric, (as you do), for a cover for my Kenwood mixer which is in the corner behind. Michele found the perfect piece in my stash.

When I knew that I did not have burnt offerings, I sent out the message to some friends to come for scones and bikkies for afternoon tea. It was a lovely day spent socializing with friends and trying out the new cooker.

The scones were very yummy, and I only needed a piece of fruit tonight.

This morning's church service was a celebration of Palm Sunday, and the church was decorated with palm branches which was a graphic reminder of that day when Christ rode the donkey and was hailed as a King. Now we head into the rest of the week leading up to Good Friday and Easter.

I know I promised a report on the kitchen, it will have to wait for another day, as I am far too tired and need some "beauty" sleep. 

Blessings, From Jude


Michele Hill said...

Your kitchen is gorgeous Jude and I now have oven and pantry envy!! You deserve every bit of it and you are just amazing with all the work you have done to transform your home. Thank you so much for such a wonderful lunch……the hour and half went so fast! Big hugs and hope the beauty sleep helped x

Sue SA said...

So glad you worked out the controls on your oven. When I last brought an oven (about 4 years ago) it had dials, so I understand your trepidation, such an automatic action to turn on the dial and everything works! The baked goods looked delicious!