Sunday, 6 March 2016

Waiting for paint to dry, again.....

Just having a little break, and another coffee and some toast, while I am waiting for the first coat of paint to dry. I know it would not take long later in the day, as the temp is expected to be 39deg, but this early in the morning it is a bit cooler. Hopefully this is almost the last of the painting inside, for now anyway. I did the kitchen ceiling yesterday morning, and the walls this morning. I don't have to do the whole room, as the cupboards will cover lots of wall. There will not be a lot of wall to see, but some wall will be visible behind the fridge opening. And then I need to do the timber around the window, and I can put it all away. I have to admit that it has taken a lot of motivation to get to this last bit. While I don't mind painting, I think I might have pushed myself a bit in the last 2 months. A little spell now until I get the urge to paint the brown wall outside that needs to be done.

My work in progress, one coat done, and the end wall is not getting done at all. The plumber has been and moved the taps and added pipes for the dishwasher. The wall needs to be replaced under the sink, because it was not a pretty sight. Must have been a major leak in that wall sometime in the past.

This is my painting trousers, and as you can see it is where I wipe my fingers if I get paint on them!

And this is samples of my cupboards, benchtops, wall tiles and the cupboard handles. I am looking forward to how it all comes together now. A trailer load of  "kitchen" will arrive here on Friday evening, ready for action on the weekend.  I am told there will be a day of electrical stuff to happen before any cupboards get put in, The stove is being moved from the back wall to the side on, so that is major work first.


Yesterday after I painted the kitchen ceiling, I went to the car wash and cleaned my car, which was a long overdue task. Then I ventured up the highway to the Cockatoo Downs Farmstay retreat to visit a group of ladies who were there for a sewing weekend. They had lots of projects to work on, and had the whole hall to themselves which meant plenty of space to spread out. A few photos follow of what they were working on.

Sue was trying to make some decisions about how she is going to finish this quilt. Sue is a very productive quilter and you can follow progress of her work on her blog,

I think it's time to do the second coat now, and hopefully finish in an hour so that I can get to church this morning. Will be back later in the week with more quilt photos.

The weather is supposed to be very hot for the whole week, so I will need to be very productive in the early mornings before I wilt in the afternoon. Tomorrow I am up the highway again to Murray Bridge (2 hours away) to attend the funeral of my uncle. And I need to pick up the kitchen tiles while I am there.

Keep cool this week.

Blessings, From Jude


Michele Hill said...

It all looks amazing Jude and that kitchen is going to be a stunner! Take care of yourself… are amazing to have done that all on your own. Big hugs from us xx

Susan Smith said...

Looking good and bet you can't wait to see it all come together next week. I'm not sure how you've done as much, especially as it's been so hot and yes another week and then maybe someone will tell the weatherman, it is actually AUTUMN! Will talk to you through the week as we are coming. Take care.

Pauline Clark said...

Great Jude. It is an amazing difference. So much hard work on your own. Well done. It is a credit to you.xx

Sue SA said...

Glad you got the last of the inside painting done, its going to be a horrid week heat wise. The Dresdens got stitched together without sashing and the colourful scrappy sprouts quilt, had an extra row added to make it wider - and Elaine got to take it home with her! I am going to ponder the Dresden....and keep job hunting, then when I make a decision about borders you might get it!