Monday, 31 August 2015

Lois’ quilts


I quilted these quilts last week, and posted them off to their owner. I don’t usually blog the photos until the customer has received their parcel. But I did post this photo of what I had quilted last week, and did not think about whose quilts they were. But Lois has been patiently (??) waiting for the post to arrive and has been checking my blog and saw the top photo. I think she thought I was teasing her, but I did not even connect the dots with this…until she told me tonight.


This one is a 2 sided quilt, the top being black and red for Essendon footy team, and bottom being blue and white for Geelong. Must be for someone who can’t make up their mind who to support! This was quilted all over with footballs.



The other quilt has a fantastic border print, as you can see in the first photo. I crosshatched this so that it did not distract from the ladies in the fabric.


Following are some photos of the rest of the quilt. I struggled to get good lighting for this quilt, as the first one was taken late afternoon, when the best time is usually in the morning. But the mornings have been very dull lately, and then it had to go into the mail. But you get the idea of what I did. I have tried to emphasize the squares that I could see, and not the stars. You can still see the stars, but what jumped out to me when I hung the quilt up for it to “talk” to me before I started, was the squares that I could see going across the sashings. Can you see this in the photo?







That’s all for tonight, as it is well past my bed time. It was an early morning, up at 5am, and Max did 2 quilts before I went outside and burned a large pile of garden rubbish in my back yard. Having a big cleanup and sort out at my place at the moment. Will have more details on this later.

Blessings, From Jude


Sue SA said...

Love the big star quilt and love your quilting! That border print is amazing.

Susan Smith said...

Love what you've done on the second quilt and I've never seen border fabric like that. Take care.

Jean McGee said...

Busy time for you Judy but the beautiful quilting keeps coming. See you soon at the pink weekend! X