Sunday, 16 August 2015

This and that summary of the week

Before another week gets here tomorrow, and work gets underway again, I better report in with newsfromjude tonight. It is way past my bedtime, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl has to do…….
More quilts
Lots of things to report on tonight. Quilting has been ongoing, and a few photos of what has been on the machine. First is a quilt from Beth, which is the 2014 Bedford quilt that she has added borders too and made a very large quilt. The final border is the blue photo, which Beth has been very creative with and pintucked. It looks good, and is something different.
And these are another 3 quilts that Sally has made for her family. They are all the same pattern, but different fabrics, and for a beginner quilter, they are impeccably made.
This is a quilt that Jocelyn made in last year’s Paper Bag Mystery Retreat at The Sanctuary. It is quilted all over with a pattern called Asti. I just love the texture this has given to the quilt. One of those I just want to rub my hands over and touch!
Pink Raffle Quilt
This is the pink Retreat raffle quilt that I made a last month, well it seems like last month, but could be longer. It is now quilted, and a good fairy put the binding on for me, and now I just need to sell some tickets for it. The funds go to the Breast Cancer Network. If you would like a ticket, or two, or three, at $2 each, please let me know. SmileThis is another quilt with a lovely texture, and it has put some interest into an otherwise plain quilt. And for someone who usually likes to blend the thread colour, I have stepped out of my comfort zone and used pink thread to add more interest!

Border Quilt Update
I have set up my machine and cut the pieces that I need to sew for my hourglass border on my Head to the Border quilt. This is the one that I unpicked after I “found” the right fabric. And as there are still 2 borders to add after this, I need to move, as it needs to be hanging in our October exhibition. I hope my quilter can fit it in!! I figure that if it is all prepared and set up, that each little 15 minutes will add up?! Tell me it will.
“Pick-a-case” Mystery Retreat
Next Friday 10 lovely ladies will arrive at The Sanctuary for the “Pick-a-case” Mystery retreat, and I am busy designing and cutting and writing instructions for a few more cases of fabrics. I like to have some spares, so that everyone can find something they like. Well, that is the plan. I need to work out the menu and do some shopping and cooking this week too. Always a good weekend to look forward to. Ladies are coming from Adelaide, just over the border, Bendigo and local. There will be a full house.
This is my “little” stack of fabrics still waiting to be cut, and also some of the leftovers after cutting. I think that cutting just breeds more scraps. It is hard to know just how much fabric to purchase when you don’t know what you are going to do with it, so maybe I buy more than I need?? I don’t think the stash is decreasing with all this cutting.

Carpet cleaning and Angels Day
The week has been pretty full, with the quilting, doing the cases, quilt deliveries and pickups, and a visit from a fabric rep. I also had the carpets in 2 rooms cleaned this week, so that meant a bit of a shift of furniture for that to be done. ( And now it is true confession time, as the carpet cleaner also steam cleans bathrooms…. and my bathroom is the one room in the house that is sadly neglected, because no-one else goes in there but me……so I “bit the bullet” and asked him to clean it,…… and hoped he would not be horrified……. so it is now nice and clean!!)  It was not good carpet drying weather, so I had 3 heaters going, and adding to my power bill to get the sewing room dry enough for the Angels sewing day on Thursday. It was a good gathering of angels and they achieved a lot.
Baby Update
I will try not to bore you with baby photos, but just one occasionally. I had not seen a photo all week, and was surprised to see this one tonight, and she looks so different! She will be 3 weeks old on Tuesday. She has not been such an angel all of the time, but it is a learning curve for the baby, mum and dad.
11896093_10153133131672339_6420478127672033201_n (2)
So, all in all it has been a pretty full on week, with all the usual work stuff and the extra planning for things to happen at The Sanctuary. And then you throw in the worry when there is an emergency visit to the hospital for one of your  family members, and it adds to the load. The emergency has passed and they await further testing. Am hoping and praying for a good outcome, and thankful that it could have been much worse.
Giveaway Winner!
If you have read this far, I thank you. I have left this news until the end, just to keep you in suspense. Sorry it has taken me a week to announce this.
There were 14 names entered in the draw, and I thank all those who sent me comments, either on the blog, or email, or phone, or text. I love to hear from you all. All the names entered, would have been worthy winners, but the winner this time is Raelene. She will know who she is, and I will just wait and see how long before she reads this. Not sure what the giveaway will be, but I have a few ideas! Raelene is the lovely lady who wrote the poem for me, that I posted about last week. She also is the angel who hand stitched the binding to the Pink Raffle Quilt for me. Thankyou Raelene, and congratulations on winning…. well something, when I get time to put it together!! SmileI still like the idea of giving away one of my WIP’s, don’t you? Winking smile
That’s all the newsfromjude for now.
Blessings, From Jude


Sue SA said...

Love seeing baby photos anytime! Sounds very sensible to me, getting your bathroom cleaned...when else do you get a chance to make a man clean a bathroom...cept if you pay him! Besides that leaves more time for quilting deadlines : )

Susan Smith said...

You have been busy, so someone cleaning the bathroom was a good idea. Hope the pick a case weekend goes well and take care.

jfoster8 said...

Will do one of your mystery classes one day...