Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Special dates, and quilts, and more……


It has been a very eventful week, with all that has been happening, and I had intended to do a post on Friday last week, but it slipped by. July 31 was the date, 4 years ago that I started writing my blog. I am still amazed by the number of people that seem to visit and read what I write, but in the overall scheme of things, my statistics don’t rate that high. But that is not my reason for blogging anyway, as this is for my own records. But I thank those who do visit, and especially those who leave comments. One blog I visit and read celebrated 9 years of writing, and something like 1800 posts in that time! So far I have managed 4 years, and almost 480 posts.

July 31 was also special for another reason, as it was 43 years since my husband proposed to me. And today, August 4, it is 42 years since I was married. That time has gone so fast and lots of water has gone under the bridge. So while I might not celebrate today, I will certainly be thinking about the day.

Below are 2 quilts made by Pat, both with the same range of fabrics. They will be made into quillows for her great grandchildren. First one is quilted all over with Popcorn.


This one is quilted all over with a pattern called Pearl Stream, which gives it a very different texture.


The next 2 were made by Margaret, and the Puzzle quilt was also quilted all over with Popcorn.


And this one was quilted with a pattern called Dancing Hearts.


The next 2 quilts are the same design, and made by Sally for her family, and both quilted all over with Dancing Hearts.



This week there will be a family gathering at my brother’s to celebrate the wedding of my nephew, which was in July. They had a very quiet family wedding in Fiji, attended by their immediate family. I am looking forward to seeing some photos.

And of course we had the arrival of my grand daughter last week. So with all these events in mind, I have decided that it is time for another giveaway on my blog. Not exactly sure what I shall “giveaway” yet, but if you leave me a comment, I will enter your name into the draw for something. I will accept email and phone messages, as I know that some find it difficult to work out the comments on the blog. I shall take comments until Sunday evening, and draw on Monday. Overseas comments are welcome.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Blessings, From Jude


Christina said...

You should celebrate Judy, you have so many wonderful memories that can never be taken away from you. Some never have that special someone. What an amazing legacy, wonderful children and grandchildren.

Sue said...

I love looking at the quilts that you have done and get a thrill when one of mine is blog.๐Ÿ˜€

Pauline Clark said...

Lots to celebrate Judy. Memories are wonderful part of our lives.Never loose them & yes celebrate.x

Susan Smith said...

Interesting post Judy It's nice to learn more about you and those quilts all look wonderful. Don't put me in the draw as I won the last one and want someone else to receive something from you. It was lovely chatting to you on Sunday too. Take care.

Sue SA said...

Happy anniversary Judy. Glad you are going to get to spend some time with family soon, and a nice way to celebrate and remember the good times. Love the different quilting patterns, always good to see how the different patterns give such different effects.

Jean McGee said...

Two important dates in your life which have meaning for you, thank you for sharing them with us Judy and cherish the happy memories and the beautiful family you have as a result of that time. The quilts, as usual, look beautiful, hopefully the clean up has made life easier for you. Looking forward to the mystery quilt weekend. X๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’•

Michele Hill said...

Biggest hugs as always my friend but if my name is drawn out you had better do a redraw!! xxxx