Saturday, 1 August 2015

A bit of a cleanup….

Sometimes you just have to stop and take the time to get some organisation into your workspace, and today was the day. I really have too much happening to stop, but things have been getting out of hand. When you spend a fair amount of time just looking for something that you know is “somewhere” under the paper pile, then something has to happen. Hopefully I can make things more productive by taking the time out this weekend. I am working on 2 rooms, and this is the first one below.
I had to remove all the fabric from the shelves so that I could shift them to the other side of the room. I am hoping this will improve the work space in the room. And it is amazing what I unearthed, besides the spiders and cobwebs at the back of the shelves! I have a lot of unfinished “stuff”, and I would love to have the time to finish some of them.
I found lots of things that are just waiting for the quilter!! They have been in the queue for years, so perhaps I should find another quilter?? Mostly they are waiting with the backings, wadding and bindings all cut. And there are lots more projects that I have not shown you.
First is a wall hanging from a stencilling workshop that I did with Esther Aliu at Quilt Encounter a few years ago.
And this is a wall hanging that I made in a workshop with Michele Hill, also many years ago. All crumpled up in the dark depths of the shelves. Also with backing, and binding ready.
This one goes back a long way, not long after I started patchwork. I can’t say that I really enjoyed the colourwash workshop, but would like to finish this.
And this was a Celtic Knot workshop with Gina Burgess, probably in 2004. We were supposed to design just one knot and we made our own bias as well. I thought I might make enough for a whole quilt, but after 3, I ran out of time, and it was long and skinny, so I added side borders and maybe it could be a runner on the end of the bed?? If I had stuck to just one, maybe (?) it would be finished by now.
This was made in a Gloria Loughman Contoured Landscape workshop, and also is waiting for the quilter, with its backing, wadding and binding already cut. Probably wouldn’t take her long! I also have another Gloria project that is started, but I have a long way to go on my Playing on the Surface quilt.
This quilt goes back to about 2002, and is still waiting!
A few years ago Ricky Timms came to Adelaide, and I attended his lecture at the QGSA. I bought some of his DVD’s and his Convergence book. I must have enjoyed this technique as I made 3 of these. And all still waiting for the quilter!
This goes back before I even started longarm quilting! Supposed to be a cushion.
And now we start on the projects that are not finished, and have lots of stitching to do yet. This is from a Design your own quilt workshop with Michele Hill.
And this is a Heather Ridley workshop, Mosaic Magic. Another one with lots of stitching to do yet, as I am outlining all the lines on the flower petals and the leaves.
This probably goes back to about 2004, and was a Drapplique workshop with Pam Holland. Also a long way from finished, and one I am not really in love with.
And then I found a bag of fabric, with some papers with my design and even the quilting already designed. Might just put the fabric into my shelves??
This was a little bundle of fabrics in a bag and with a piece of paper with the pattern that GD1 was going to make. I don’t think it will happen now, so the fabrics are back on the shelf.
This was a quilt top that I was going to make for my sister’s baby girl, who is now 8 years old. Think I missed the boat on that one!
I must have tried some hand piecing once upon a time! But, another one not finished. It would be rather cute, so maybe I should get this done.
This was one I started in a Lessa Siegele workshop many, many years ago. And I am not sure just where I was going with this, as there is no paper with it. It was a Two for One workshop, using a 60deg ruler, and I know I made something with the other sections. When you cut your strips you ended up with 2 pieces, one with the blue on the bottom, which I made into a hexagon quilt, and these with the blue on the point, which are still waiting. Not sure where the star blocks are to go, better sit down with EQ and play. "Once upon a time", I must have had a lot more sewing time. I am not sure what happened, but sewing time is very rare now. And it is something I have missed, so will try very hard to get some of that back in my life. This "balance" thing is really hard to work out.
IMG_0825And I found lots of patterns that i have collected, and most of them not made.Sad smile
And this is my collection of scraps, waiting to be cut up into useable sizes. I started cutting after reading on Bonnie Hunter’s website about her method. But this is another job that has fallen by the wayside. I would love to make lots of scrap quilts in my future, so this should be a good start!
And this is one side of the room after my day’s work. Still some work to do on the other side of the room yet, and tomorrow the next room needs some sorting too. I have put my Go Cutter on the drawer unit in the centre, and hopefully if it has a permanent home, it might get some more use and those scraps will get sorted sooner. Winking smile
Well, after my day, I am sitting in the recliner with my feet up, by the fire, and will be back tomorrow, hopefully with another room, (some of it), sorted??
Blessings, From Jude.


Pauline Clark said...

Amazing what one finds when you clean up.Lots of interesting projects.Job well done. Judy.

Susan Smith said...

I only posted a comment yesterday on Amy's blog, that I'm sure WIP's "breed". My pile of STUFF is similar to yours with lots of my own from way back to be quilted and other things still to be finished, so they can be quilted. Just think I made my first ever quilt in 1977 and have loved the "doing" ever since, but I don't run mine as business like you do, but still seem to lag behind ever so much. I think you are doing well on the cleanup and hope you get it nearly sorted this weekend. Take care.

Sue SA said...

When the grandies (the bigger ones) come to visit next, let them cut the scraps up with your Go cutter, they will be entertained and you will benefit! I just brought a tumbler die and its a great shape to use up scraps. I went through my patterns and gave away the ones I no longer fancied! And on my blog I made a list of my UFO's and slowly worked my way through some of them, some are still on the list and one I unpicked and threw the little bits away, cut the other pieces into my scrap sizes and put the whole fat quarters back in my stash! Bonnie Hunters scrap system works provided you then make quilts with the pieces. It took me a few years of reducing the UFO's, but I finally made a few Bonnie patterns in the last year and it was great to have the fabric pre cut! Good luck, you have done a great job.

Jean McGee said...

You have some lovely wall hangings and after you quilt them maybe some of us could stitch the edging down for you at the pink weekend. I would be happy to help. Good work Judy cleaning out and you should be very happy with the outcome. X