Saturday, 5 September 2015

Quilting update

I woke up early (like 4am!!) this morning, so am spending a bit of time catching up on computer stuff, before I load the next quilt, which should arrive here about 8 this morning. A special job this weekend, which I shall tell you more about later. (I can see a nanna nap sometime this afternoon!)
First up is Pat’s Head to the Border quilt. This turned out to be very big, as you can see it is on a queen bed in the photo. After many years quilting, Pat has finally made a quilt for her husband, who is a farmer. The quilt has cattle and sheep in the fabrics, and even a brown and yellow border, the colours of his favourite footy team.
I have seen quite a few hand pieced quilts this year. This one was started by Linda many, many years ago. It was sitting in a cupboard at her house, partly hand quilted, with that lovely (?) thick poly wadding in it. She finally decided it needed to be finished, and she did not have time to finish it herself, so brought it to me. The hand quilting was unpicked, and we threw away the poly wadding and replaced it with wool/poly. The borders still needed to be mitred at the corners, and after this was done we decided on some patterns for custom quilting. Now the binding is on, and it is finished.
This quilt was made by Naomi, for her daughter. There were actually 2 the same, and they are her first quilts. Both quilted all over with a leafy pattern.
That’s all the newsfromjude for today. I hope you have a great weekend, whatever you are doing. The calendar tells me that spring has arrived, and although we have seen a little bit of sun, the days are still rather cool.
The quilt to arrive this morning is another hand pieced hexagon quilt. They almost make me want to make one for myself.(?). Really need to finish some of my other projects first.
Blessings, From Jude


jfoster8 said...

Love the quilting on the hexie quilt.....what is that block pattern?

Susan Smith said...

Lovely Judy, you've especially enhanced the hexie quilt. Take care.