Saturday, 15 August 2015

62 years married

Today is the 62nd wedding anniversary of my parents, so before the day is finished, I better acknowledge this. The top photo was taken last weekend, and the bottom one I “borrowed” from my brothers facebook page. This was taken this morning, when he took them out for breakfast, before they left for a couple of days away. (I see that Dad is wearing the same jumper, so guess he likes it and it’s warm.)



They “scrub up” pretty well for 83 years old, and still live in their own home and look after themselves. Mum has had a few health scares along the way, but Dad takes no prescription medication, which is pretty amazing.

Hope you had a great day, and enjoy your little holiday.

Blessings, From Jude, who knows that it is time for a blog post, but it will happen. (I have been busy, quilting, cleaning, writing and cutting). And an announcement will be happening about the winner of my giveaway. I have not forgotten! Smile


Sue SA said...

Congratulations, good health and happiness to your parents.

Susan Smith said...

A very happy anniversary to your parents and it's great that all is still so well with them. Take care.

jfoster8 said...

Lovely photo of your are like your Mum ...