Friday, 3 July 2015

This and that summary of my week


Well it is a very chilly morning here, and the frost is still out on the lawn this morning, It was about –2deg. I am still wandering around in my dressing gown with the heater on high and very  thankful that I don’t need to go outside to work.

It has been another full week here, and much has been achieved. It feels so good to get some of those jobs done that have been sitting around waiting to be finished. I have “churned” out quite a few quilts and had some picked up and more that have been delivered, to join the queue. It is a year of finishing off for members of our group, who are getting ready for our quilt show in October.

The weather has been quite chilly, and the days are mostly dry. The country is in need of a good rain soon. I might have to start watering the garden again and this is only July!

I have been to the local hospital and visited some friends this week. It seems that a lot of people are not well and it is sad to hear of other friends having treatment in Adelaide as well.

Some friends have headed off on the “grey nomad” trail and gone north, or west, to the warmer climates. I try not to be envious as that had been one of our life plans. I shall be thankful for where God has planted me and all that I have.

Following is a few posts of the latest newsfromjude. Time to get into the shower and be ready for my day. Another quilt has been loaded and I am cutting out another.


Sue SA said...

What a great week, a new machine and a couple of new quilts, well done you! We also had a nasty frost and below 0 temp this morning, but considering it a "warm up" before we head off to the snow LOL! Hope you get some personal sewing time in every week.

jfoster8 said...

Cold here too....been dragging myself around like a wet sock....still tired from the quilt show....