Tuesday, 28 July 2015

28th July, 2015…..


is the birth date of my seventh grandchild. Today we welcomed Bridie Grace, who weighed in at 8lb 9oz, and 51cm long. She made things difficult for her mum, (and dad too!), and was delivered by C section in the early hours of today. She is just gorgeous, and her parents are very tired, but happy. I have just arrived home from a quick trip (well 3 hours there and three hours back!), for a cuddle. They tell me she has a good set of lungs, but she was the perfect angel while I was there.




And just look at this head full of dark hair. It might be a bit lighter when it is washed tomorrow, so we shall wait and see.


For some reason it was easy to see my daughters have their babies, and I never thought twice about them being parents. But this time, it is my son, and he is my baby, and it is harder to get my head around that, although I am not sure why. When I commented today, about him being my baby, he said, “Mum, I am 27 years old!!” And when I stop and think about that, I realise that I had 3 children when I was 28 years old!! So when does your baby stop being your baby??

My son and I have had some good conversation today, about lots of different subjects, and he has a whole new language now that he is a parent. This is just the start of a journey for both of them, as life will never be the same again. They have a beautiful little girl who is totally dependant of them now.

I have gone through lots of emotions today, from excitement, and joy, and being thankful for a safe delivery, to tears and sadness that our family has an absent member who is not here to share in this occasion.

I look forward to watching her grow up, and maybe we could have another quilter in the family one day?? I had 3 grand daughters first, then 3 grandsons, and now we start on the girls again. Welcome Bridie Grace.

Blessings, From Jude


Sue SA said...

Congratulations to the new parents and to you Judy. I am so pleased Bridie arrived safely, finally! Another beautiful reason to put some balance in your life ;)

Susan Smith said...

Congrats to the new parents and to you on No 7. You've now got the same number of granddaughters as me, but ours is 2 girls, 7 boys, then 2 more girls. Oh, my baby is 37 and I still can't believe it. Glad you got to have a cuddle, but that is a long drive so take it easy and enjoy a break. Take care.

Sue said...

Congrats love the name,

Jean McGee said...

What a wonderful gift to your family and I am sure any absent members are looking down and enjoying the happiness you all are. It is different when our sons become fathers but as you say many emotions are felt at this time. I am so happy for you. Xxx

Michele Hill said...

BIg hugs again Jude…so lovely to chat this morning………she is a special blessing for you all xx

Pauline Clark said...

congratulations Judy and to Carly & Brad. Another beautiful granddaughter. What a lovely name. Not having daughters I still experienced many emotions when my sons became fathers. Grandchildren are indeed one of lifes greatest blessings.Love & best wishes.xx

Christina said...

Congratulations Judy,
Grandchildren are a precious gift.

Linda Steele said...

Congratulations on another grandchild. 27 seems to be young these days, times have certainly changed.