Thursday, 23 July 2015

Checking in….


There are a few more quilt photos to show after a busy week or two. I quilted 2 of these for Margaret, which were made using all her scrap fabrics. Sometimes you can look at a quilt, and you can tell whose it is by the fabrics. And these are the colours that Margaret has used over the last few years that I have been quilting for her. She always tells me that the quilt she is sending is the last she will make, due to her increasing age and deteriorating eyesight. But then, she sends me another one, so maybe there will be more to come yet!



This quilt was made by Val in a Paper bag mystery retreat. It has been simply custom quilted. It is very bright with all that Pink!


This was made by Helen, also in a Mystery retreat. It has been quilted with a pattern called Sticky Buns, and I love the texture it has given the quilt. One of those that I love to touch!


This was a large quilt, made by Sue with Avenger fabrics, for her son, and quilted all over with a pattern called Popcorn.


I have to report that I have finished the hexagon quilt. I have been told that the hexagons are 1/2” and not 3/4”. There will be photos in due course, as the quilt is still on the machine, as I have been doing other things today.

This morning I went shopping, and then spent the afternoon in the kitchen cooking for the weekend retreat. The decorations have been hung, the Christmas tree is out, the pressies are wrapped, and all is ready for tomorrow and the arrival of 10 ladies for a fun weekend. There is rain forecast, but it will be cosy in the house with the wood fire burning.We did see some sunshine today, and the temperature was up to about 16, instead of 10-12! Still cold, but the appearance of the sun just makes everyone feel a bit warmer.

I am enjoying some time with my feet up in the recliner, by the warm fire, laptop on my knees, to post this update of newsfromjude. Some more food preparation is on the agenda for the morning, and I expect the first retreat arrivals by midday tomorrow. And tomorrow is also the due date for THE BABY, so it is all very exciting!

Be back as soon as I have some more news.

Blessings, From Jude

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Susan Smith said...

Well done Judy on all that quilting. I've seen the pattern "Sticky Buns" a few times on Lucie's blog and keep thinking it is so quirky. Maybe I'll have to get that one. Have a great weekend with your ten ladies and wish them a Merry July Xmas and do let us know in a quick post if the baby arrives. Take care and enjoy.