Sunday, 12 July 2015

And another week has flown by so fast…….


It seems as though it is Sunday evening again, and another week will start again tomorrow, so I better update you with newsfromjude before any more time elapses.

The week has again been rather full, and the weather has turned very cold. It seems as though we are getting some Arctic weather in south eastern Australia at the moment. There have been cold days, winds and rain and some areas have had snow, which is a rare occurrence in this state. In weather like this I am so thankful to be blessed with a warm house and a lovely wood fire, and I don’t have to go outside to work either.

The forecast was for very cold and wet conditions, but in recent months, this area of the state seemed to miss out on the rain. It just did not come this far south. And on Saturday morning I looked outside to see blue sky, and sunshine, even with the cold temperatures. This was the view over the top of my house.


And this was the view over the top of the house just across the road. Maybe the rain was still coming! And shortly after it did fall. In the last 2 days we have managed to get 30mls, for which we are thankful


A few months ago, I purchased a bag of Mixed daffodil bulbs, and they have been “waiting” on the pergola table for me to plant them!! The package says Bloomin’ Bulbs, and when I checked the bag last week, it seems the bulbs were determined to bloom, even in the bag, because they were all shooting. Today I made time in between the showers of rain, to help them bloom sometime in the future, by planting them in the garden soil. The packet says to plant from autumn to winter, and I think we are still in winter??


Last Thursday it was Angels sewing day here and we had a very productive day. In fact we were all so busy, I forgot to take any photos. We have had the need to donate a few quilts lately, so our stocks are getting low. It was decided that we needed to make some very simple “quick to sew” tops and fabrics were cut and some girls were sewing and some pressing. I managed to quilt 2 quilts ready for binding, Thankyou girls for a successful day.

Once again I have a few quilt photos for show and tell. First is a quilt made by a group of friends, and quilted all over with Dancing Hearts. Very pretty, soft colours.


And the next two photos are of Jennifer’s quilt, which is called Cherry Ripe. This was custom quilted.



This was made by Wendy for her grandson, and he was very excited this week when I phoned to say the quilt was finished. All things about Outer Space. I quilted lots of SID and some added motifs in the background of the blocks.


An alien quilted on the crater.


Some stars, spaceships and moons in the background.


The next 3 quilts made by Pat. First is a disappearing hourglass quilt, and quilted all over with Connected Circles.


Pat’s 2014 Bedford Mystery quilt, with all over quilting.


And another simply pieced top quilted with an all over pattern called Twinkle.


Today was one of those days that I have set aside for some sewing time for me. With the very cold weather, it was a good day to be inside by the fire. There is a baby due very soon, and I thought it might be time to do some baby sewing. I have had this fabric for a few months now. It seems as though good old teddy bear has been given the flick these days and animals from the jungle are in favour! And the mother to be said she likes chevrons! Seemed like this would be a quick project, and I would have this done in no time!! Winking smile

I cut out the triangles last night so that I could get an early start. Made all my HST units in no time. Laid them out and woopsy, I did not have enough background to make enough blocks. Sad smile


Easy fix, just add a row of another background in the middle! So then it’s time to  start sewing all the rows together. Should be finished this little baby quilt in no time! Smile


Take each row  to the sewing machine, press and return to the cutting table where it is all laid out. Looks like another woopsie! Something wrong here. Crying face Time to get out my friend, the unpicker! And maybe to slow down a bit too?


All fixed and rows sewn together and laid on the floor to decide on borders. Now I am thinking that it is too “square” and maybe I should make it longer??? And the random placement of the colours is not sitting happy with me either.


Anyhow, that’s my lot for today. I did do some other sewing but that can wait for another day. I don’t know what planet I was on this morning, because I stupidly thought that I might have even managed to get this quilted today as well as sewn together. Rolling on the floor laughing I know, it’s winter  and the days are shorter aren’t they?? At least I have made a start.

That’s enough newsfromjude for today. I am on a mission this week, to finish some more quilts. There are preparations that need to be done for Christmas in July retreat at The Sanctuary from 24-26 July.I will have to find the Christmas decorations and decorate the house. Thankyou to Raelene who has made our Christmas pudding for the weekend. Now to decide on the rest of the menu.

I have another special group coming to The Sanctuary next weekend, and as the weather is to stay cold for the rest of the week, I will need to light the fire and heat the house.

Blessings, From Jude


Susan Smith said...

Well done Judy on the customer quilting front, but like me you rush into doing things you think easy and then it's "whoops" I need to slow down. Square is OK for a baby quilt, as I've done a few and they are always appreciated, even for just being a play/change mat type thing. Hope all the retreats go well and hasn't the rain been good, although a bit miserable. Take care.

Sue SA said...

Leave the darker colour in the middle - when the baby is born, visafix the child's name on this section in green and then quilt it down! Square is fine for a baby quilt, as they are not recommended on cots until the child is 1 yrs old - most mothers use them for floor play while their babies....and a small size is good when they are toddlers and want to drag their quilt around with them. You can always make them a big bed quilt later!

Maxine S said...

Thanks Jude - I hadn't thought of the days being shorter for winter! I was blaming Wimbledon and the fact that I was staying up so late watching tennis for not getting stuff done! Glad you finally got some rain. Cheers, Maxine