Sunday, 30 November 2014

The first Sunday of Advent

 This is the first of four Sundays before Christmas and this morning a candle was lit in our church. Advent is a time of preparation for Christmas and today's candle is a symbol for our hope in Christ.
(Photo is borrowed from the internet). I am reminded of what Jesus has done for me. John 14 tells us that Jesus said "Do not let your hearts be troubled......." Words of hope as we face daily life. The singing was awesome this morning, with many voices raised in full volume.

One of the chorus' was Something Beautiful, and has special meaning for me. It was a song that I learnt many years ago at a time when I was going through a difficult time. And again today it had that same meaning. The words are.....

Something beautiful, something good,
all my confusion, he understood,
All I had to offer him, was broken-ness and strife.
But he made something beautiful of my life. 

As we head into the lead up to Christmas Day, I wish for you to know the hope, peace, joy and love of Christ in amongst the working, shopping, cooking and whatever else you do to "get ready" for Christmas Day. Remember the real reason for the season.

Blessings, From Jude

Friday, 28 November 2014

A quilt update

I can see that it is 3 weeks since the last quilt photo blog, so maybe I better catch up. Although I can’t say that there’s been lots of quilting happening, with all the other activities that have been going on. But, The Sanctuary is in recess now until end of January, so there will be some serious quilting going on until then.

First up is a quilt made by Bernie. It is an Anni Downes pattern, and Bernie tells me she is very new to quilting. I am amazed at the needleturn applique she has done for someone new to quilting. There are such tiny little pieces and she has such nice round edges. You can see in the 4th photo how small the snails and mushrooms are. This was a fun quilt to do, and there was lots of SID!





This was made by Lyn, for a new baby boy. I am not sure if you can see the border below, where I have quilted a teddy in a train pattern.



This is the Kali Star quilt, made by Betty with Westalee Rulers. Very striking pattern, and quilted all over with a rose pattern.


This is Lyn’s quilt, which was made in the Paper Bag Mystery Retreat last April. I quilted it with simple custom, and even used orange thread on the white, which takes me out of my comfort zone. But I must admit, it took away the starkness of the white areas.



A Christmas quilt, made by Lyn’s sister, and quilted all over with Christmas Stars.


This was made by Marie, and is a disappearing PinWheel block.  It is for someone who loves cats, so it has been quilted with cats walking across the quilt in rows.



Well, that’s it for today, I am stuck on an intense custom applique quilt for a few days. I think I have done enough for today, so might make a start on some Christmas Cards, while I am waiting for some special visitors to arrive for the weekend. I have a few activities planned.

The weather is warming up again, so will need to keep the watering happening.

Bye for now, hope you will enjoy your weekend. And to those in the US, enjoy your Thanksgiving celebrations.

Blessings, From Jude

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

This and that

I have travelled home on the train today. I woke early this morning knowing that the alarm was going off at 5am. It was quite a wild and windy night with thunder and rain. We left by 6am for the trip to the train station, which gave us plenty of time, but you never know how bad the traffic will be heading in to the city. After my scare on Friday, I was glad to have plenty of time.

We were rather curious as we got close to the station to see all the emergency vehicles parked along the street, and people walking around with capes around them. Apparently an apartment building at Docklands caught fire and hundreds of people were evacuated. A lot were asleep when it happened and had to leave in their pj’s without any belongings.

There were TV camera’s filming and people were queuing for bottles of water etc. By the time I boarded the train things were much quieter and the people had left this area.




This photo was taken on a polaroid camera. I have not seen these cameras for many years. I am feeling a bit short these days.


I had a request from one blog reader, to see my purchases from Quilt Market, so here it is all spread out when I got home and unpacked. Managed to get a lot more “stuff” in DD3’s suitcase, and mine was left behind.  This is the start of the next round of designs for the Paper Bag Mystery Retreat, to be held in June.


I am heading for an early night tonight, after a busy, but good few days, and tomorrow I will be back to load the next quilt and plan my schedule for the month leading up til Christmas. Lots still to happen.

Thanks for checking in, and reading my news.

Blessings, From Jude

Monday, 24 November 2014

The last day

I better get busy and update the last day of my little holiday, as early tomorrow morning I shall be on the train returning to work again. I know someone that said she would be waiting up for today's report! Thanks for reading the days of my life.

Today we went for a little trip to Ikea. This was my first Ikea experience, and I must admit to being blown away by the sheer enormity of the place. The following photos are especially for a friend that likes orange. It just seemed to be a colour that popped up everywhere, and I thought of you straight away Pauline!

Such a range of products all in one place was amazing.

 This is the purchase we made from Ikea, all put together following the instructions and in its position, with Kiki waiting by the front door for his master to come home from work.

 After our shopping journey, it was time to draft up a pattern for the next sewing project. Our trips to Spotlight and to Ikea have meant the purchase of a few more sewing supplies. For a young lady who only started sewing her own clothes in the last 2 months, she is doing a great job.

And this is dinner tonight, photographed before we ate, just for you Raelene!!

The weather turned out to be rather wet today, so just as well we did our touring the first 2 days.

It has been a lovely little interlude and the time has gone so quick. I had a bit of a job this afternoon packing my bags. All the purchases I made at Quilt Market weigh rather heavy and I did not really think about how I was going to get it all home. But swapped out my suitcase for a larger one and most of my purchases will fit, and the rest will get brought home at Christmas time.
So, over and out for now, and I will be back next time with photos of recent quilting.
Catch ya when I get home,
From Jude

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Day 2 away

Another update while I have time on my hands. It is strange not to be thinking about the next quilt to put on the machine, or plan another retreat or water the garden. Considering that I am not doing anything very constructive, it is rather tiring doing this!!
First photo is my view from the brekkie table this morning. Another lovely day to come.
This morning, we had a drive to Spotlight to purchase stuff to use our $40 vouchers on.

Mid afternoon we took a drive to Phillip Island to do the tourist thing.

A family shot, but I missed Kiki, sorry!

 Trying to rescue a lizard from being run over.

 The wildlife were everywhere, this hen had some little black chicks, but not sure what sort of bird. We saw kangaroos, rabbits, seagulls, and what looked like geese.

We had thought we would go to see the penguins, which the island is known for, but the wait was 2 hours, and I thought the cost was rather steep. There were tourists there by the car and the bus loads.
The advertising all states that it is a non-profit organisation, and a lot of volunteers work there. I stand to be corrected, and I know that the penguins need to be protected, but the cost to see them seems to be very excessive to me. Entry to the souvenir shop and even the cafe is only after the entrance fee is paid.

This is my view of the penguins, a photo of the entry sign outside the building!!

The seagulls sanctuary where they mostly had babies that they were feeding.

The bridge which leads to Phillip Island, taken on the way back, because I missed the perfect photo opportunity on the way over.

Giving Kiki, the dog a warning that it was a steep drop over the edge and to be careful!
We had thought to catch up with a friend that lives on the Island, but sorry to say that Gayle has had family illness to deal with. But it was good to see where she comes from though. A very pretty part of our great country.

Well, another day down of my little holiday. Have enjoyed home cooked pizza tonight and it is almost time tor bed.

Be back soon, it must be time for more quilt photos.
From Jude

Saturday, 22 November 2014

I am away

Yesterday was the day for my little holiday to start. Spent time in the morning watering the garden at both houses, and packed my bag for the journey. Fortunately my new credit cards arrived in the mail, and so I am good to go for spending now. Amazing how lost you feel without a card to access your funds, (or add to the debt)! 
I had arranged to drive myself to the station and leave my car for a friend to pick up after her appointment. Not far to the station, so I toodle off down there, thinking I had more than 15 minutes to wait for the train. As soon as I turned into the main street, I could see a carriage in the station and was hoping it was a goods train, but when I got closer, I saw it was my train!! Must admit I was speeding for the last 2 blocks, and thankfully no traffic in the way. Pulled up at the station as the other passengers were getting on. Tried to remember, to put car in park, handbrake on, close the windows, and get out my luggage, and lock the car as I ran up the incline to the train. My heart was thumping pretty hard by the time I managed to chuck my luggage on the train and climb up the step!!
More often trains are late, not early, but the train pulled out of the station 15 minutes before it was even due to arrive!  Lesson to self, even if it is a small country station, next time get there about an hour before departure time.
After I calmed down, it was a lovely relaxing trip, on which I read a book, the daily paper, had a coffee and relaxed for the rest of the journey to Melbourne, where I was met by my daughter.

Today we have been to Australian Quilt Market in the city, where you can see I made some purchases. Managed to find a collection of fabrics to start the next round of Paper Bag Mystery Quilts.

 The pigeons on the edge of the river at Southbank, Melbourne.

Next up on the agenda was a trip to the Yarra Valley to have lunch at the venue for next year's wedding. It is a lovely spot with expansive lawns, a gorgeous chapel, and restaurants. Lots of lovely rustic things of interest in the gardens.

Maybe a bike ride before lunch??

Lunch was the Tapas menu, and was delicious. This is what remained, and sorry I should have taken a photo before we started.

The country side around the area. Still rather green, up close to the hills.

Roses in the street at nearby Healesville, where we had coffee later.

A little snooze on the way home after that exhausting bike ride and lunch.!!

A few more days before I head back on the train to home. This is my time to switch off from work for the next 2 days.
Hope you are enjoying your weekend, whatever you are doing. The weather has been rather lovely here today, which is nice for 'time out'.

From Jude