Friday, 4 May 2018

Procrastination!....... the action of delaying, or postponing something that must be done - dithering, stalling, hesitation, delaying tactics....... (straight from the words of Mr Google!)

I think there might be a bit of the above happening here this week. I did mention that I switched Max on, maybe that was Tuesday???, but turned it off in the afternoon, without having taken a stitch. It was Thursday afternoon before there was any progress on the quilting front! I think my mistake was to load a custom before I went away, instead of an allover job. I know this quilt needs to be done, as it is a show quilt, and the closing date for entries is looming.

There have been lots of 'delaying tactics' happening. My washing is all done, and even the ironing!! And that's saying something, because I usually avoid that job. The mail has been dealt with, and I have been through those 300 emails and replied to the ones that needed it. Another job that I don't often keep up with! And I have been to the shops, to restock the fridge.

 Most of my purchases have been put away, somewhere, and the gifts are wrapped up. I have added up my spending from the trip, and looked at the total, (which was what I had planned to spend), and wondered where it all was?? I had kept all my receipts along the way, and in the final tally, there is only $20 that I can't account for, which probably was some tips along the way. I must admit that I was pretty happy with the final total, which I won't mention, until I remembered that it was $US, and converted it to $AUS!!! That does make a difference.

It was pleasing to go out this morning and find almost 20ml of rain in the gauge. This is the biggest recording here for the whole year, and will make the farmers happy, and of course the gardens, and the rain water tanks. It has also dropped the temperatures, and my fire is burning nicely in the lounge.

I also found this pretty corner in the very neglected garden of mine, so had to take a photo, before they disappear.

And here is a few photos of "some" of my purchases.Now I need to find an extra couple of days in the week, to make some of them! (The biggest part of my spending, is in the box coming from Missouri Star, in the slow mail, and I did take photos of what I sent, just in case!?)

Well that's about it for this post, and is another "delaying" tactic. I can't make up my mind whether to turn Max on and get a couple of hours of quilting happening, or to take more time off! I am a bit excited this morning, as by lunchtime, Miss Billie will be here, and of course her mum and dad!! The next few days will be family time. Tomorrow DD2 and family will be here for the day, and perhaps my mum with them, which will be special. (and as I type this, the raining is coming down again!)

I will leave you with a photo of Miss Billie, that I received while in America. She is growing up so fast.

Enjoy your weekend, where ever you are,

Blessings, From Jude


Chookyblue...... said...

In no time you will be launched back into everything.......

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Lovely goodies brought back!!! You will get back into a routine soon enough.. it always takes a bit of time - isn't Billie gorgeous! Enjoy every minute with her and the others xx

Raylene Edwards said...

After you’ve spent time with your family, especially lots of cuddles with Miss Billie, you will be ready for FULL STEAM AHEAD. Garden has given you a welcome home, & another box of STUFF coming, should banish that Procrastination!!

Sue SA said...

Hard to get back into the swing of things when you have been on holidays! Good luck, i am sure you will be motivated....after Miss Billie has gone home!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jude love your purchases you will have fun with these,and how cute is Miss Billie ,hope you have a lovely Sunday xx

Susan Smith said...

Hope the jetlag passes soon. It takes some time to get back into a normal routine, even if you are catching up with lots of bits'n'pieces. Nice purchases, so hope you find time in the near future to dive in with a start. Take care.