Saturday, 26 May 2018

A finish!!!!!! One of mine!!!!!!!!!

In a previous post I showed my progress last week in sewing one of my American purchases. I had got this far, and things were not working out. So I left it laying on the floor, and walked around it for a few days. I had a lot of suggestions from various people, and I thank you all for your input. 

They were all good suggestions, and I tried lots of things, but finally worked out what I should do. I had planned on using the stripe fabric in an outer border, but then had a "lightbulb" moment to use it as in the next photo, and my problem was solved!

And here is the finished top, and no it's not quilted!! Started on Sunday, and the last border was on by 11am Thursday!

I still have these scraps left, to do something with, maybe add to the remaining 2 blocks!??

Hopefully there will be another post soon, about the next project I am working on. (I could get used to sewing for me!??)

I went back to the doctor on Friday morning and the shingles are on the mend, but where they were is still a bit tender, although not painful anymore. Doctors advice was to take it easy, as it could last for awhile yet. And that's what I am planning to do this weekend.

This photo was taken last night, can you guess where it is?? Be back soon with a report!

Blessings, From Jude


Sue SA said...

Your at camp! Recognise that face anywhere....we once reported he had a tyre stuck around his neck and they told us that was his toy! Enjoy! So pleased you have finished a top. Hope you can make a cute wall hanging or lap quilt with the left over blocks.

Susan Smith said...

I couldn't have guessed, but thanks Sue for updating me. Glad to see you taking it easy-ish. Love what you've done with that quilt & I can see you making a lovely bag with those scraps, to take away with you (giggle). Take care.

Raylene Edwards said...

I love the Quilting Quilt, sayings are so appropriate, it needs to hang on a wall. Try the rotation method? It was an exciting incident meeting Camilla 🐫

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Are you visiting me? Love the way the quilt finished up! xx

Pauline Clark said...

Another great weekend.Fun laughter friendships both old & new.
Delicious meals & another project completed.Lots of chatter.Happy Times.xx