Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Deliveries from America this week!

On Monday afternoon we were pleased to welcome Pat back from her US trip. She stayed an extra 2 weeks after the tour group returned home, and spent time with family in Colorado. Welcome back Pat.

  This afternoon, the parcel delivery man delivered this box to my house!!! Ta Daa! The extra box of goodies that I was waiting for. And here in less than 3 weeks, not the 4 they predicted.  I shall post photos of the contents of this box in another post soon.

I have made a little bit of progress with my purchases, as I made this panel into a wallhanging, and gave it to my mother on the weekend. I know it's small, but it is finished and that must count. I wonder if I should start making miniature quilts, and perhaps I would finish more projects???
I cut some of the top and bottom borders off, and made a border of the surplus for each side, and then added a small black border to all 4 sides.

I then loaded it onto Max, and quilted it with crosshatching, and then bound it, and found a hanger.

I only purchased 1 panel at the store, but there was a quilt displayed, that was made using 6 of the panels, and made as a One Block Wonder quilt. This was very effective, and thanks Faye for the photo. A One Block Wonder quilt, is definitely NOT on my to do list anytime soon, but I can appreciate how good they look. (All the blocks around the centre panel, are all made using the panel that I used!)

I am sitting in the recliner by the fire, as I type this post. Yesterday I started the day with good intentions, and loaded an edge to edge quilt, and pulled a few more out of the tubs, and left them by the ironing board. My intentions were to make good progress on the queue this week. Procrastination had to stop. On Monday, I attended the funeral, and had another appointment in the afternoon, and all the time, I was feeling some pain in my back. I just presumed it was the return of a back issue I had last year. Tuesday morning I felt a lump in the sore area, but could not see it myself. So when a friend called in later in the morning, i asked her to have a look for me. The result of this was a quick trip to the doctor, and the diagnosis of shingles!!!!! So where did this come from?? The doctor said I had picked it up in the last 2 weeks, which is how long since I returned from the tour. So maybe I can say this is another delivery from America???? Hopefully the early diagnosis, and getting onto the medication early will mean it will not be too severe. Meanwhile, I hope to get some quilting done, and continue to take it a bit easier, and be ready for a very busy June coming up.

That's all folks, not expecting any more deliveries from the US!

Blessings, From Jude


Anonymous said...

Hi Jude wow what an amazing trip you how exciting your box arriving can't wait to see what's in it xx

Raylene Edwards said...

I’m sure everyone is happy to have Pat home, especially Dear Husband 1 & you have your quilt checker extraordinaire back. A box from Missouri Star is exciting, Shingles can be rotten - so be kind to yourself 🤒

Chookyblue...... said...

Omg what is in that box! It will be named full I am sure .....
Oh no shingles..... That is not good at all. Hope it is not too bad a case They can be pretty painful .......

Sue SA said...

Exciting to have a parcel from USA, bit like Christmas. Not good news about the Shingles, except perhaps that you caught it early. I hope the treatment is effective for you.

Cindy Brick said...

So glad Pat made it back ok! I was planning/hoping to see her while she was in the Springs, but our aunt died suddenly in Michigan. We just got back yesterday from 1 1/2 weeks there, for the funeral plus Mother's Day with my mom. The best-laid plans never seem to work out.

The cross hanging is just lovely.

I'm sorry about the shingles diagnosis... you poor girl.

Jean McGee said...

Not so good news about the dreaded shingles! The medication will lessen the symptoms and hopefully you will get better sooner but I am sorry to say, you should rest as much as possible to help with the healing.
Good to know Pat is home safely, how exciting to open the "goodies" box, enjoy doin that.
Take care now, love from Jean xx

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Love the cross wall hanging! And oh dear, sorry to hear about the shingles.. hope the meds kick in soon. In the meantime, make some minis :) xx