Saturday, 28 October 2017

It's Saturday night.....

and time for a quick update before the day finishes. The Statler Gathering is here, although due to sickness, our numbers are decreased. But that means that table space is enlarged for those present. There are 4 ladies who are being very productive and working on their own sewing projects. The camera has not been out much, but will post some after the weekend.

This retreat is one that I have gone into without any cooking preparations, and so "food" is happening "on the run". And in between I am working with Max on a hand pieced hexagon quilt, that needs to be finished before the end of the week.

Just so I have a photo or 2 for this post, I will show what I found in the honeysuckle hedge when I was pruning it last week. A bird had gone to a lot of trouble to build a nest, and over the next four days laid eggs. I guess that soon there will babies. And I think this bird in only a blackbird, so nothing too exciting.

That's all the newsfromjude for now, until later.

Blessings, From Jude


Susan Smith said...

Beautiful coloured eggs Judy. Numbers are certainly down for the Statler gathering. Say Hi, to them from me. Take care & enjoy.

Raylene Edwards said...

It’s good to hear this retreat is NOT a full on, house full all stations go gathering, sharing fun time ( & Statler knowledge) with friends. It’s disappointing you all can’t raise a glass of Sable to celebrate !

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

They are pretty eggs! Enjoy a quieter weekend and get some fish and chips in :) xx