Sunday, 22 October 2017

Quilt exhibition Report - part 1

I know there are some of you who are checking in for a report on the quilt show, so I shall make a start. I am sitting here Sunday morning, watching people coming in the door to see the quilts.  I have my laptop here and am downloading all the photos I have taken and thinking about how to report on it all. Some of the photos are not so clear, but I am learning how to use the camera, and will eventually master it, I hope. 

This year was the first time we have had our quilt show officially judged, and there were some members were excited, and even teary, when they saw lovely ribbons attached to their quilts. This task was very capably undertaken by Lessa Siegele, who also opened our show, and Michele Hill. If you click on Michele's name the link will take you to her blog, where she has posted a lovely report of our show. 

A quilt show does not just happen, and there is lots to do before the event, and during as well. The committee have been planning all year, and their efforts have paid off with a great show of our members talent. Below is our secretary working on the computer to print out the certificates for the prize winners, after the judging had been completed.

And here is our President signing those certificates before they were laminated.

This blog will be photo overload, so I will separate them into sections.


President Pat about to make her speech, with Past President Pat, in the left.

Our 2 judges being presented with a gift.

Lessa Siegele opening our quilt show.

Lessa making a speech about a special lady in our group, Mignon, who was presented with Honorary Membership.


Holly Hand Dyes

Hubbards Kaleidescope

Louise of Lucy Purls

Sandy of Old Culburra Store

Fleur of Little Desert Quilts

And some goodies to sell from Yours Truly.


Here are some friendly faces to greet those coming in the door.

A sitting area was set up by the entrance to rest the feet, or for husbands to patiently wait for their wives??

Lessa talking to the school students about the Rajah Quilt.

Don't you just love the fire extinguisher backdrop.

I think I will stop here, as I have to go and do some white glove duty. Today is a bit quieter, just a nice steady stream through the door. I almost lost my voice on Friday, with so much talking. It has been a great time of meeting up with quilters that we know, and meeting new ones.
Be back later with another post of all the quilts, and the prize winners, possibly tonight, when i have my feet up at home, after we have dismantled the frames, and taken down the quilts.

Blessings, From Jude


Raylene Edwards said...

Your new camera is working a treat. Great photos of lots of ladies I know ( & a very nice man who came to support his lovely wife who's quilt was superb.) All the shops looked terrific & obviously the kitchen staff were very busy seeing the amount of people sitting at the tables. Catching up with friends & lots of chit chat has added to a great Quilt Exhibition 🥇

Jean McGee said...

Great report Judy so much to see and beautiful quilts, there is a lot of work behind the scenes and you all deserve a big pat on the back for presenting such a great quilt show. Hopefully I can get there for next year. 😀😀

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

I love the way you had quilts draped across tables and chairs! Looks so cozy... xx

Anonymous said...

Bet those two in the last photo didn't even notice the fire extinguisher ... too much else to look at, and I suspect they needed a sit down!

I have missed a great show, but thanks for the photos!