Saturday, 4 November 2017

Statler Gathering Report

My last post was Saturday evening one week ago, and I don't know how, but here it is Saturday night again. I had intended to post this days ago, and even loaded the photos to my blog, and hit draft, to come back to later. My apologies to those who have been swiping their phones, or Ipads waiting for some newsfromjude.  

As I reported previously, the Statler Gathering was reduced in number due to illness, but it was still a great time of sharing. The conversations were probably more one on one, with the smaller group. Much was achieved by the retreaters, who all look forward each year, to some "time out" to regroup from their busy lives. And of course, it is a bonus, that we all talk the same language of our machines. Longarm quilters can be quite socially isolated with distance to each other, so it is great to talk to each other face to face, and share experiences. I know that the internet closes that distance a lot more than it used to be, but you can't beat actually knowing someone in person. The first lady arrived Thursday evening and the last left on Tuesday morning. 

Naomi has put her late father's shirts to a good purpose and made them into a quilt. I am sure this will be treasured by his family for years to come.

and here is the finish!

We watched teaching videos on the screen.

 After the quilt was finished, it was time for some hand sewing on a dresden quilt that has been "in the works" for awhile.

Sharon spent her time needle turning these little blocks.

Alison was on a mission to sew a shop sample for kits that she had for sale.

And we have a finish!! Very pretty colours. If you are interested, contact Alison at Canterburyquilts.

Brenda was also on a mission to achieve a few projects that she had not had time to do at home.

Sorry I did not get the finished photo, as it was packed away before I thought about it. She also made a bag, which had been on her "gunna do" list for ages.

I managed to get some more Antelope Canyon quilt kits cut up and ready for sale, in between some quilting, and preparing food for the troops. My kits include the fabric already cut into strips, ready for crosscutting, which means you can start sewing sooner!

                                                          The group photo........

One table empty after the first had departed.

The house has been cleaned, and beds made ready for the next influx soon. I love to see new friendships made, and old ones renewed at each retreat. The next gathering is planned for June 2018, and we are looking forward to that.

The following photos show you what I worked on during the week and a few days since. Now that I have finished I can tell you that there are 426 hexagon flowers in this quilt. (I was not game to count them before I started!) And then there are the sashings between the flowers and the borders. These hexies are small, less than 1" across, and all hand pieced. I would love to achieve something like this, but can't see it happening anytime soon in my lifetime.

Last week I showed photos of the nest and 4 eggs. I have not been outside the laundry door all week, until today, and this is what I found.

And I must have disturbed this one when I was trying to get a photo, and maybe he thought mama bird was back with food??

That's about all the newsfromjude for now. Time to switch off the computer, and sort out my kitchen. Tomorrow there is another trip up the highway for a special event, that i will report on soon.

Blessings, From Jude


Raylene Edwards said...

A mighty effort from the Statler Girls, loved the H quilt & Alisons fizzy sherbet look. Imagine the km of stitching those machines wizzed out! The hexie quilt is Amazing - 2 very gifted ladies made it so. And babies too....🌷

Susan Smith said...

Lovely to see a catchup post & did miss being there. Well done girls on all your projects. Alison's quilt is very summery. I know I wouldn't tackle those teeny hexis, as I find the whole process fiddly, but I think people who do are absolutely amazing & of course the stunning quilting. Take care.

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Sometimes the smaller groups are the best, more chance to get to know each other! Looks like you all had a great weekend as usual... lovely projects worked on, and oh, what an amazing hexie quilt!!! xx

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

What an incredibly productive group-- all of the projects are simply wonderful! Thanks for taking us along~

Chookyblue...... said...

Oh I like the new quilt sample..... Very nice.... And unusual colour combination but looks the quilting on the hexie quilt......