Sunday, 22 October 2017

Part 2 - photo overload

(Note, this post was "edited" the next morning, after a good night's sleep!)

This was the action late this afternoon, and it is amazing how quick everything comes down, compared to how long it took to go up! Many hands make light work, is what they say, and the system worked well, with about 160 quilts packed away in just over an hour.

And this is how my world looked, just before I picked up the computer, in my "office", aka the lounge room. I need to finish my show report tonight, as tomorrow it will be back to it again.

Now  I will post a lot of photos, some with comments, but mostly not. I did not get all the quilts photographed, and even after walking around a lot of times over 3 days, I still saw something new.

I hope you enjoy the following quilt show.

I think Lessa, and Faye were pleased to see some Bedford quilts hanging in the show. Here are 3, but I think there were some others.

This quilt, belonging to Linda, The Grassy Quilt, was Kim's Gentlemen's Choice vote. (Sorry Kim, your vote was not enough.)

Prue was pleasantly surprised to receive a ribbon for her "Itty Bitty" quilt. This quilt is made up of lots of fabrics that have memories for Prue. The pieces were cut out years ago, using templates and scissors. She told me that this quilt will be used on her bed, in a nursing home one day!

Helen received a 2nd in Custom quilts, for her quilt "To Michelle, with Love". This quilt also won 2nd in the Viewers Choice votes. I have posted about this quilt last year, that Helen made in my Embellished Quilt classes.

 Louise received a Judges Commendation for her Merino Dreams quilt, made with Kaffe Fasset fabrics, an original design, and quilted on her domestic machine.

Jan's quilt won 1st for One person's work, and it was all hand quilted.

I was surprised that my quilt, Floating Hexagons, won 1st in the Modern category.

Made by Val from a Jenny Bowker's Shimmer pattern.

Also made by Val, in one of my Pick a Case Mystery retreats.

This is another of the Mystery retreat quilts, made by Mignon.

Marie's "One Block Wonder" quilt.

This quilt, made by Beth, won 2nd in the Gentleman's Choice vote.

Pat's Irish Chain quilt, won 1st in the 2 person Large category.

Another quilt from the Pick a Case Mystery retreat, made by Val.

2nd in the One Person's work was Rosemary for her silk gown, all hand sewn!

This quilt, made by Pat, for her daughter Robyn, won a Judges Commendation award, and also received 1st in the Gentleman's Choice Vote.

And last, but certainly not least, is this quilt made by Pat, which won 1st in the Custom quilt category, and also was Best of Show. I have not posted photos of this quilt on the blog before, so here are a few now.

Lessa also brought a few of her quilts to display, and showcase her work, and you can see these displayed on the stage below. (Obviously the gentlemen in the picture have their eyes on something??)

There were many smaller items, displayed in the following photo.

The President's challenge was a tablerunner, and you can see the variety of entries below. This was won by Kaye, with the Christmas runner at the bottom of the photo.

Another display around the edge of the hall, was of our first quilts. I haven't got photos of them all, but this shows my first quilt, on the right below. This was rather ordinary, compared to some of the first quilts, but I guess it shows how much progress I have made. You can see that it is not even quilted, and the fabrics used (leftovers from sewing children's clothing) have frayed, and some faded.

 These are some of the others along the wall.

The local Embroidery group had a small display in the hall as well.

This lady on the right came from New South Wales. Her "over 90 year old" father used to be a Lutheran minister in Bordertown, and they were on a "memory" trip, taking him back to places he had been.

Local members were demonstating different aspects of quilt making.

I think I need to finish here for now, as I am starting to go around in circles. I still want to show photos and talk about the Antelope Canyon quilts, but that will wait for the next post.
I did post photos last week of the Garden Delights Antelope Canyon quilt that I made, and I was very surprised today to receive the Viewers Choice award for this!!

Thankyou if you have read through all this. Time for a good sleep.
Good night.

Blessings, From Jude


Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

oh my, such wonderful quilts! What an awesome variety! Congrats to all the winners!
And also to those who didn't win, such an amazing amount of work gone into all the quilts - it would have been so hard to be a judge. Tell Pat her quilt is just gorgeous! I'm coming to see it in real life one day :) xx

Sue SA said...

Congratulations Judy on your awards! Love all the photos of the quilts, thank you, it was like being there in person. Sorry I couldnt make it. I loved the quilt of green and blue leaves!

Susan Smith said...

Congrats to all, even the non winners & to the committee of your group for putting on such a lovely show & even not being there, it looks wonderful. I recognised Pat's grey & white quilt straight away. Settle back down & take care.

Linda Steele said...

Wow, what a great show, congratulations on your prizes and to everyone who made such wonderful quilts

Raylene Edwards said...

Such a variety of wonderful quilts made by very talented quilters. To be able to hang approx 160 quilts from the local Gumtree Quilting Group is amazing.