Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Weekend update

I have been on a mission this week to finish member's quilts for our show, so haven't posted to the blog. But, I have had a couple of people say they have been checking, so here is a quick post before I finish up for the day. I switched Max off at 8pm tonight, and have been doing admin, while watching TV since then. I should have turned the TV off, as I have got "into" the next show now, and really should be in bed, as I am rather tired.

I loaded one of my quilts today, and thought I knew what I was going to quilt on it, but then spent a few hours reassessing my options. Thus my progress is not what it should have been by the end of today. And the days are disappearing fast, and still lots to do yet.

Here are a few photos from the weekend just gone, although I did not take a lot at the wedding as the photographer asked that we refrain until after the wedding.

After a cold, showery start to the day, the sun came out for a perfect day. This was the view looking out over the sea where they were married, at Memorial Park at Port Elliot.

And this is looking to the left, and brought back many memories for me as we had lots of holiday in the caravan park which used to be down by the shoreline.

 The bride's niece who was a cute flower girl, as she came down the steps.

The happy couple and family.

My youngest brother and his daughter.

DD1 and 2 of my grandaughters.

My sister and her family.

The 5 of us siblings, taken at the wedding reception, which was held at Victor Harbour.

And a photo of  Miss Bridie, who "borrowed" my glasses to try on. I must say that after she had finished with them, I could not see a thing through the glass!

It has been a long time since I visited this area, so it was lovely to travel down memory lane. This is a view looking back over the town of Victor Harbour.

And this was looking out over Granite Island, and the Bluff in the background. It was a lovely sunny warm spring day, and the sea was so blue.

On the way home, I called into Strathalbyn to catch up with my cousins, and then headed back to Murray Bridge to see mum and dad. It was a trip full of memories, travelling through the area that I grew up in. This is the local hall and tennis courts in the district of Brinkley, near Murray Bridge. In my younger years, we went to Sunday School and church in this building. Later there were many Saturday night dances in the hall, and the local "Christmas Tree" night, when Father Christmas came to the local children. And I played lots of tennis on these courts.

The building on the right is also where my parents went to school. They walked from their homes, many miles away sometimes, there were no school buses back then. I must say it was good to see these buildings have stood the test of time, as my drive around saw many former homes and sheds derelict, or just a mound of stones on the ground. I guess that is what some call "progress", but I think it is sad to see a lot of farm houses not lived in anymore. Usually because the farms have been purchased by adjoining landowners who have already have their home. It is rather ironic to hear myself saying this, as it reminds me of hearing my grandmother and other older people, who used to say, "...back in my day!"

On my way to the wedding, I drove along the swamp road from Jervois to Wellington, where we used to own a dairy farm. This area has also changed, and only a few large dairies still operating, and there are many unused dairies, which look quite "uncared" for now. I am sorry I did not stop for a photo of the house where we used to live.

That's about all the newsfromjude for now, and it is after 10pm, which is late for me. I have some more quilt photos, but they will wait for another day.

Blessings, From Jude


Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

What a beautiful place to have a wedding! Everyone looks lovely and happy... so many memories of your past and now some new ones made! xx

Sue SA said...

Love a good trip down memory lane. Why is everything is smaller as an adult then it did as a child?! Nice weather for the wedding. Did you get the heavy rain yesterday, it bucket down here, but haven't read the gauge yet.

Susan Smith said...

Trips down memory lane can be both exciting & sad I find, but Victor Harbour is somewhere I've been, so know it is a lovely place. Glad the day was fine and went well for them. Sue above said about heavy rain, which we copped last night in bucketfuls, though it seems quite clear so far this morning. Take care.

Raylene Edwards said...

You really make up for days missed to blog, with a beauty. Goolwa still looks beautiful & your trip down off the beaten track has the charm the highway misses. Glad you're on target with the Have To Do quilts. 🌈

Jean McGee said...

How lovely to have a trip down memory lane although it's always different as an adult but the experiences stay the same. The wedding party looked lovely. Good to hear from you in between your busy schedule. 😀😀

Chookyblue...... said...

beautiful wedding photos.......nice time with family..........