Monday, 2 January 2017

Making progress and looking way back, and a little bit ahead......

It has been an interesting few days, sorting and rearranging these 2 rooms. I have been through so much "STUFF", and there is still more yet, but I have made a big dent in it all.
This is where I was at last night, with the sewing room pretty organised and cleaned. You will notice my ironing board on the table, where it sits when there are no retreats happening. When the table is needed for sewing, it is moveable. I love my large ironing space, especially pressing quilts, and or backings. (I don't iron many clothes!!) And note all those empty shelves?

And this is how my office space looked. I had been through the whole room, all around Max's space, and the angels area, and  this is where I have been today!!! I will say that it has been a lovely weather day, and I did spend awhile (maybe almost 2 hours??) sitting in the pergola eating lunch, and reading a book.

It is now 7.30pm and this is what that same area looks like now. I found a flag in my sort out, so have put this up in readiness for Australia Day, which is 24 days away. 

I will admit that there are still tubs of "STUFF" under my desk area, although I can say that the tubs have been sorted, and the contents of each tub is with it's friends!!  

And this pile, is still under review, with some to go out to the shed, and some to be parted with.

I have filled the bins, which will be collected tomorrow, and then I think I can fill one again, with more rubbish. I have even had a quick sort through in the filing cabinet, and created an empty drawer! My shelf space on the back wall still needs some fine tuning, but I need to visit the hardware store first to get some more shelving and brackets.

Sorting through lots of stuff takes awhile, especially when you come across photos etc of days gone by, and the last few days have been no exception. Looking at photos really makes you aware how much time has elapsed when you see such young faces! And it only seems like yesterday.

The next few were in a folder of Gumtree Quilters files, and some of you will know who these faces belong to!

I am not sure when this photo of our group was taken, but could have been around 2000?? Maybe just before or after that. A real trip down memory lane, seeing the faces of people, some of whom are no longer with us.

And this one was taken in 2006, and is yours truly with my Best Of Show quilt, Woven Inspiration, at the South Australian Quilters Guild, Festival of Quilts.

I feel pretty good to have sorted through what I have in the last few days. I will be back in a few days, and hopefully will be making a 2017 list of things I want to achieve. I know I did not get my 2016 list fully crossed off, but when I really look, I think I achieved a fair bit for the year. I know this year, (sounds strange calling 2017 this year!) looks set to be another busy time, and I have been striving for that balance for a couple of years now. So I need to think about another word for 2017, or perhaps just forget a particular word, and just do it.

Time for an early night, been a big few days. Catch ya soon.

Blessings, From Jude


jfoster8 said... have been busy. I'm about to do the same.
Love your wholecloth.

Susan Smith said...

Here I am with another "WOW". You've certainly done a big clean-up & in super fast time. Have a lovely, though short road trip & see what else you achieve next week. I've not done much more on more rearranging, as I've a little project I'm working on, but you've inspired me to keep plugging away at being more organised & get back to my machine which has been languishing since we got back from UK. Happy New Year & take care.

Sue SA said...

Great work, you sure have had a big clean up and chuck out! I need to do the same, but with only a few days of sewing available before going back to work I am tempted to just stitch!

Michele Hill said...

It must feel good going through and sorting all the "stuff" Jude! We decluttered when we did that first move over 5 years ago but in the 3 years we've been here I've started building it up again! Today is the start of another de-clutter as you have inspired me.....and the weather is so nice! Big hugs as always dear friend x