Sunday, 8 January 2017

Reporting on my week

I can see that it will be a week tomorrow since my last post, and I have had 2 ladies tell me they have been checking for a post. Lots has been happening in the last few days, including a trip over the border.

The weather for the last 3 days has been HOT, HOT, and you know that I wilt when that happens. I worked through until lunch time, after watering the garden early morning. The air con in my studio is past it's prime, and was only designed for when my room was half the size. This makes it "not so pleasant" to be working after lunch, so have had a few spells sitting in front of the lounge air con, and not doing very much, in between my continuing sorting. Yesterday it peaked at 42 deg, and night did not bring a lot of relief either. Today is much better at around the 30 deg mark, and should stay there for the rest of the week, In an effort to be more productive during the summer, I am getting a new air conditioner in my work room, which will also cool the sewing room next door. This will be installed in the next 2 weeks I hope.

Tuesday lunch time DD2 and I went on a little road trip to Melbourne to visit with DD3 and DSIL. It was very rare, and lovely to spend 6 hours in one on one conversation with her, as usually there are other family when we see each other. It was a special catch up time for us both. And it was nice to be driven somewhere, and to be able to take photos.

 Heading onto the Westgate Bridge.

And down into the city of Melbourne.

And into the Burnley Tunnel, although the colour is not good. I had been through here with DD3 several times, on our way to the train station, and last time, I casually asked what highway we were going under through the tunnel, and was told we were under the Yarra river! Now this is a very long tunnel, and I'm not sure I want to think about what could happen. And my "funny" DSIL told me with a very straight face, that they have quite a few leaks in the tunnel!!!???

 We had a good visit, ate a few meals out, went shopping, and stayed 2 nights, travelling back on Thursday, just before it got very HOT. The last few trips I have gone on the train, and I hope to be able to drive myself one day, so was very observant about the roads we took. (And of course I will have Tom to help me!) We left by 6am that morning, and it was fine weather, but part way back we went through lightening, thunder, and heavy rain.

This is called Green Lake, but looks quite blue to me! But we did pass Pink Lake later, and that did look very pink.

 On the way to Horsham, and the Grampians on the left of the highway.

And this is the reason for our trip to Melbourne. It is 2 years now since DD3 purchased the shop stock from Maney's of Mundulla. You can read about that post called, Newventure if you click on the link. Her work committments are changing from January, and she will have less time to spend on her Ebay Store, which is linked on the side of his page. So I have brought some of the remaining stock back here to Bordertown, to help her out. She still has plenty of stock, and will continue to list on Kiki Fabrics store, so click on the link to find a bargain.

The last few days I have been stacking fabrics, sorting ribbons, braids, laces and assorted "stuff". I have a few ideas in my head for some of this, (as long as I live to be 500!) We use a lot of this in the Embellished Quilts classes I teach, which will continue this year,  and I have ideas for some more of my own quilts like this. (I think there are a couple in my PHD pile!) And I hope to sell some of this as well.

It was a challenge to work out how to sort the ribbons, and I would love to have them out on display, but these underbed containers will work well, as you can see what it is in the container easily. And they are stacked neatly in the space under Max.

This is only just a few of the laces that I have.

All of the above has been sorted, and packed into containers. The fabric is in those empty shelves you saw in my last blog post, and those shelves now look like this. Some of this will find it's way into future Pick a Case Mystery retreats, and maybe it will be just the fabric that someone is looking for. I did have some of this already, and have more on order, so will be adding to it over time. I plan on selling excess kits from the Mystery retreats.

So if you are looking for fabric, lace, ribbons, braids, ric rac, beading, needles or thread, I may just have what you are looking for! 😉

I have had 3 weeks holiday from quilting, and intend to get back to Max tomorrow. I still have a lot of sorting yet, although it is organised as it is. Can't say I have had much of a holiday, but as my mother said, I have been doing different things!!? And it certainly feels great to get this much done, and have some order in my chaos of STUFF!

Max will have a clean out in the morning, which will include taking the sides off the computer towers, and cleaning out the dust, and an oil routine and needle change. I have a large allover quilt to load to ease back into my working week.

If you have read this far, thankyou.

From Jude


Susan Smith said...

OK, I knew what was happening, but good to see you back & organised. Pity I can't see any jumbo rick rack in that pile. I remember going to the shop at Mundalla & found it fascinating. Some of those pics are quite familiar to me as we travel those roads and the tunnel quite regularly & yes it does drip on your car sometimes, but I don't think you've any worries. The Domain tunnel is much shorter. I must also get Bubs running again, as I'm just not motivated at the moment. Like you, I don't do well in this heat. Have a good week & take care.

Sue SA said...

Dont worry Green Lake will be green by the time summer finishes - it will either get blue/green algae or it will dry up and have grass growing in it! Green Lake has not been full for awhile so all the water sport enthusiasts are delighted!
Funny that all that fabric has migrated home again! I think that it is a good win win situation, given your quilt retreats and cutting out quilt kits. Enjoy using the lace in your classes.

Jean McGee said...

Like you Judy, I don't do hot weather very well either but it's a good time to be indoors and in my case needleturning on a quilt in progress. At least we have some reasonable weather for a while now. Good you had time to spend with your family, we don't always have that precious time to relax and chat about things. One of these days you will have everything sorted and in it's "right" place then what will you do? Looking forward to catching up. 😀😀😀