Thursday, 19 January 2017

Googling for information

I am half way through that cream quilt, so have been doing a bit of desk work tonight before bed. I am still sorting and filing and moving things around, in my office corner of the room now. I have a new printer coming soon, and need to make a different space for it. It's all fun.

So then I started thinking about how close the Aussie retreat is, and I have not thought much about food yet. Trying to keep things authentic, I decided that I should investigate what was genuine Australian food. And then I would use that information to plan a menu!

Well, top of the list that I came upon was this photo below! Witchity grubs!! They are geniune Australian! Now how could I incorporate these into the menu?? LOL!

As a matter of interest I will list the things that were mentioned.....

Witchity Grubs, Anzac biscuits, Macadamia nuts, Emu, Damper, Pea Ham soup, Weetbix, Lamingtons, Salt Pepper Calamari, Lamb Leg Roast, Fish and Chips at the beach, John Dory Fillets, Iced VoVos, BBQ Snags, Balmain Bugs, Pavlova, Prawn Cocktail, Tim Tams, Dagwood Dog, Sausage Rolls, Sao Biscuits, Cherry Ripes, Chicken Parmy, Pigs in Blankets, Chiko Rolls, Meat Pies, Fairy Bread, Seafood Pizza, Crocodile, Vegemite on Toast, Australian Tuna Pasta Bake, Vanilla Slice, Cheese Bacon Roll, Grilled Kangaroo, Golden Gaytime, Barramundi, Crab Sticks, Fantales, Chicken Corn Soup, Curry Pie, Hamburger with Beetroot and Dim Sims.

I shall use this info to plan the menu. Now what do you think I shall choose? How about a nice piece of crocodile with Witchity Grubs on the side?? Wonder if I will have any cancellations before then?
I doubt if I could source those things locally, so I think my guests will be safe. I think my gag reflex would well and truly kick in before I could swallow this.

Time for bed,

Blessings, From Jude


Sue SA said...

I think weet bix, lamingtons & iced vo vos and a roast sounds good, the rest I am not so sure about!

Susan Smith said...

Interesting list!! Most of the products seem pretty familiar to me, though I think some younger people would be stumped on a few. I've never been game enough to try anything like crocodile, emu or kangaroo, & DEFINITELY not witchety grubs. Ugh! Wonder what you'll end up doing? Take care.