Friday, 27 January 2017

Our Australia Day

It is all quiet here briefly this morning as they have all gone on a shopping trip to get some supplies from here and there, so I will take the opportunity to report on yesterday's celebrations. Breakfast has been cleared, the kitchen cleaned and lunch has been prepared and in the fridge, so I might even think about loading a quilt on Max today.

This is one of those "noisy" weekend retreats, with lots of chatter and laughter. When there is no project or class, they don't need to concentrate and seem to talk lots more. I love to sit and listen to them, and sometimes I don't know which conversation to tune into. We hear some great stories, some of which need to stay at retreat. As this is the first get together for the new year, it is also a catchup time for the girls, to find out what has happened in each other's lives since the last time they met. And if it is a first time for someone, a time to get to know each other.

We had Aussie gear to wear yesterday, and some came prepared with blue and red. Thank you Raelene for your red and blue contributions. We had a morning tea of Aussie food, lunch of sausages and hamburgers and cornetto ice creams, and finished last night with a Lamb roast, vegies, and a pavlova.

(Our usual group photo was taken yesterday, as a couple of the girls just came for the day and won't be here at the end of the retreat.)

Just take notice of this tie. It originally said "Kiss me I'm Aussie", but this enterprising lady added some extra words to fit the occasion. (She apologises for the grammar, but could not fit 'an' so went with an 'a' instead). You have to look really hard to realise the words have been appliqued on, as the colours match very well.)

The leftover meat will be served cold for lunch today, with some fritz and chutney, and salad, together with some damper.

And this is our pavlova. My mum phoned me this week, and told me she had seen, (on facebook), a pavlova that had been made in the shape of Australia, and thought I might like to do this for the retreat. I had intended to cook my own pavlova, and thought this a good idea. But, as usual, time ran away from me, so I ended up buying a pavlova from the supermarket. (And it did say Made in Australia!!) Then I had an idea, to place the strawberries in the shape of Australia instead. We even have a flag in each state, although I forgot about ACT!!? But notice I did not forget Tasmania. And our land is not girt by sea, but girt by hundreds and thousands instead!!

The girls were not idle all day, and I did snap some of the various projects being worked on, although not all.

These 2 ladies looked very comfy in the lounge, and I thought it was a good photo opportunity. As I took aim, one of them said to me "You wouldn't dare!" I replied, "what did you say?", as I took the photo. Quick as a flash, she responded, "You have lovely hair!"

The weather has been perfect, and a lot of time has been spent sitting and stitching. and chatting, in the pergola. The nights are cool for good sleeping. Higher temperatures are forecast for Sunday and on, so the timing of this retreat has been good.

Now I better find a quilt to load, and get started while all is still quiet. Be back soon with more newsfromjude. Hope you enjoyed your Australia Day whatever you did. We are very blessed to live in such a great country.

Blessings, From Jude

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Sue SA said...

Lamingtons with eyes, look cute and yummy! Hmmm makes me want to bake! All public holidays should involve a nap on the couch after a good feed! Great projects on the go, especially liked the appliqué.