Saturday, 31 December 2016

Quilt catch up

Before I get started on my day of more sorting, I thought I would post the rest of customer quilts that have been done in 2016, and then I can start fresh for 2017.

The first photos are of 3 made by Sherrel. The first is a Pick a case Mystery quilt, called Cherry and Chocolate, and quilted allover with a Cherry pattern.

This strippy quilt was quilted allover with Modern Waves.

And this pretty quilt, made with 30's print fabrics, was also quilted allover, with a 30's flower pattern. I love the cute little pictures on the quilt.

This is a bed runner, made by Helen, and custom quilted.

A fan quilt, made by Prue, with simple custom quilting.

This was also made by Prue, and is one that she cut out many, many years ago, with templates, using lots of scrap fabrics. The blocks are only 4", so lots of tiny pieces. This was simply quilted with straight lines.

 This is the backing of the quilt, and I love how this fun fabric just seems to suit the top so well.

And next up, is Maxine's Christmas quilt, which was made in a Rounds of friendship project. Maxine has had this waiting to be quilted for some time, and was in a box somewhere after she moved house, and she decided it needed to be done, before Christmas this year.

 And while we are on Christmas items, this wall hanging was made by Kaye, and custom quilted.

A quilt made by Jean, with Oriental fabrics in blues, surrounding a centre panel, and quilted allover with a pattern called Asian Gardens.

 Marie made this quilt quite a few years ago, in a Borders with Attitude workshop with Gina Burgess. It also had been languishing in a cupboard, waiting for the applique to be stitched. It was decided I would do raw edge applique as part of the quilting process. This is the first time I have done this, but I don't think it will be the last, as I have some wall hangings, waiting to be finished, and will try this on them.

This was a large quilt, made by Kerry for a gift, and quilted allover with a pattern called Curling Waves.

A mariners compass quilt, made by Cheryl, and custom quilted. The fabrics are very busy, so it is not easy to see the patterns used.

Another pretty quilt made by Cheryl, with embroidered flower baskets in the alternate blocks, and also custom quilted.

Another large quilted, made with candlewicked blocks. Rosemary did not want lots of quilting, so a simple frame on each block was stitched.

The next 3 photos, show the difference the quilting actually made to each block of the quilt.

Now onto a small quilt, although the work is much more intense. The blocks are only tiny and is one of Michele Hill's patterns, made by Sue. She wanted it quilted exactly as Michele had quilted her own, so I did not have to make any big creative decisions, and there was not a lot of space to fill. Those feathers would have to be some of the smallest I have ever quilted, but did take some time. As this quilt was not large, but the time involved was, it did not work to charge by the square foot, as I usually do. This is one where I recorded the time taken, and charged per hour.

Edited note: As this quilt is to be done like Michele did hers, Sue will be stitching little pearls all along the spines of those feathered triangles around the edge of the quilt. (Thankyou Michele, for reminding me of this!)

Well that finishes all the recent quilts for this year. Hope you have enjoyed the quilt show.

I will take this opportunity to wish you many blessings, for the new year of 2017, and look forward to another year of blogging, quilting, sewing, retreats, and friendship with you all. Thankyou to my readers, and I will be back next year!

From Jude


Michele Hill said...

All I can say is I don't think you ever sleep either Jude!! All fabulous but you still have the pearls to stitch along those feather spines in that last quilt !! Much love and happiness to you for 2017 xx

Chookyblue...... said...

lots of gorgeous quilting..........and christmas looked wonderful..........