Saturday, 14 January 2017

Today's project

Because the weather is so cool and motivating today, I decided to get out into the garden and plant the area I posted last night. And because the airconditioner unit will be going in soon, and I would have had to move all these pots because they were along that wall, it seemed like it was a job that needed to be done. The days are going to heat up again this week, so action was needed. I love these cooler days. I think I have said that before, haven't I?
This was my starting point. The old wheelbarrow frame was one that my 87 year old neighbour had given me to put in the garden at The Sanctuary. I moved it into my back yard in September 2015, and it has sat there ever since. Now it's back in the garden again. I shifted the rocks that were lined up in the photo yesterday. I would have loved to have quite a few more of these, but made do with what I had.

 Now this is my collection, and decisions needed to be made where to plant them. I am not sure what size each plant will grow to, so it is tricky. It will be interesting to see how it all works out "in the wash". .... Where did that saying come from anyway?.... 

And this is at the end and all the empty pots. I think a lot of those plants will be so happy to get out of the containers, as they were quite root bound, so hope they grow.  More photos will come later, as still a bit of finishing off to do yet, with some edging plants. And I will lay some newspaper, and straw down to mulch.

Well I am quite happy with my days work, and it's another job I can cross of the "to do" list.
Now to work out which job on the list I shall tackle next. Sorry if you came to the blog for quilting "stuff", as it has been lots of house renos lately. But as this is a story of my life that I am getting printed, I need to record all this too.

Might put my feet up and watch the news, and read some of my book. I am not really "into" the book I am reading, so not sure if I shall finish it or not. DD3 gave it to me for Christmas, and most of it is good, but I am finding it hard to read the violent bits. The story line is good, and it must be me, as I know that that "stuff" happens in this world, but I am happy to put my "head in the sand" and not read about it. I said this to my mum, and she agreed, and said I must have got that from her! I confess that even a movie, or TV show, when it gets to some parts, I have to get up and walk away and come back when it's over that bit. Is there anyone else out there like this?

Catch ya next time,

Blessings, From Jude

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Susan Smith said...

Ah Judy, well done, and I'm not brave enough to plant anything at this time of year & wait until March if I want to put in anything new, especially in this garden with no shelter. I'll admit too, that I don't like reading or watching violence and would rather watch the cricket whilst I am either sewing, knitting, crocheting, designing or colouring in, all of which might happen after tea. Seems your weekend is going well so far. Take care.