Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Checking in.....

In between the quilting this week, I have continued with the sorting, clearing out and reorganising. My new printer has arrived so I have had to rearrange "stuff" to make room, as it is much larger than my old one, and the space where the photocopier used to be, has been taken over by something else. I will be so glad when I am organised. And then what will I do???

The following photo is of the contents of the bottom 2 drawers.

 And then there was these boxes of DVD's and cassettes etc, that came out of another cupboard.

And these floppy disks can't even be used anymore.

After a sort out this is my collection in the bottom drawer now.

And this is what the top drawer looked like, and you can see that I just threw everything in to get it out of the way. 

How does one accumulate so many pencils, and biros etc etc. How many rulers does one person need? I did not even think I had a pencil sharpener, but found quite a few.

And this is what it looks like now, although still lots of pencils and biros. Wonder how long before it will accumulate stuff??

And this is my office corner now, with the new printer, (and I know it's big,) and waiting for next week to be set up. I am keeping the old printer, up on the top shelf, just in case.

 Today has seen the arrival of another group who have come to celebrate Australia Day, renew friendships, and maybe do some sewing. The house has been decorated with the flags and the pergola even has a touch of blue balloons. The flag is flying outside on the letterbox.

The cricket "diehards" are camped in the lounge, stitching, chatting and watching the BigBash cricket.

And the other group have settled out in the pergola for a chat.

Tomorrow we will be joined by a few more ladies, and will celebrate Australia Day. There was even mention of some singing, but I have my doubts about that. I  have planned a menu from the list I posted the other day, although I did not include the witchity grubs.

Will check back in again later with more news, and I know I promised some more photos of Helen's quilt, which has been picked up and is now getting the binding stitched.

Blessings, From Jude


Sue SA said...

Happy Australia Day! Enjoy good company, good food and some sewing. LIttle people are the best biro testers ever, so next time you nab some time with a grandie, grant them every pen in the draw and ask them to "test" it for you. Then you can chuck out the ones that dont work or dont survive the kids using them, it works for me, whittles down the collection!

Susan Smith said...

Happy Australia Day Judy & enjoy the day with your ladies. Glad to see you still plodding away at your rearranging & soon it will be finished & you can relax a little. Love Sue's bit about kids testing pens. I've not many, but do have lots of coloured pencils which I use on my graph paper designs & in those adult colour-in books (occasionally). Take care.

Michele Hill said...

Have a wonderful day Judy and Hi to everyone.....and can I see Peter Rabbit on Pat's lap??? How exciting!! Hugs xx

Dot said...

LOL Jude....can you come and work on my drawers? Happy New Year🤗