Wednesday, 3 February 2016

A bit of this and a bit of that.....

Kaye's quilt

I have recently finished this Hidden Star quilt, made by Kaye and custom quilted. It was on the machine for awhile, with so many interruptions in January.

The bean bag

I received a text message with this photo a few days ago, from my niece who has filled her bean bag with beans, and she is very happy with her creation. 

 Blog books

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from Blog2Print offering a 30% discount for printing my blog book. I thought this was a good offer, and decided to do it. It took awhile to process and then told me that I had too many photos for one book. No worries, I thought, I would do 2 books, for 2015 and divided it into 6 monthly books. Still seemed a good price at the checkout because I knew that I had been posting a lot more in 2015. But I have to say, I forgot all about the exchange rate, and got a bit of a shock when I looked at my Visa card statement soon after that. (My excuse is that I was a bit distracted that day as I was trying to swallow that horrible medicine!!) Still, I love getting the books printed as it is really the story of my life, and maybe my grandchildren will read them one day.
 I wish I had started doing this years ago. I still hope to write the story of my life when life quietens down a bit. (?)

These are the collection of my blog books since 2011. 


 Last week friends from Adelaide called in for lunch on their way through Bordertown, for a holiday in Queensland. It was lovely to see them. Thanks for calling in, and I hope you have a great trip.

More renovations ahead

I think I mentioned in a previous post that I was having a day off on Sunday. It was time to sort out the next stage of the house renovations. The bathroom is well underway, and the tiles are being grouted tomorrow, and then the shower screen will be ordered and hopefully by next week, that and the "little room" will be finished. Tomorrow the "little room" will be painted, and then on the weekend I hope to do 2 of the bedrooms. The lounge is still a big mess since it was painted, with the drop sheets still down and furniture not put back, but no point cleaning that up until the bathroom guys are done, as they are going in and out. When I have done the bedrooms, then it will be time to paint the dining room, in readiness to shift the freezer etc from the kitchen. Because the kitchen will be next!! This is the room I wanted to get done in the first place, and all this other has slipped in before it. I was not real sure whether the kitchen would actually happen until Sunday, so I am rather excited about this stage. It will be chance to go through all my cupboards and have a good sort out. I will have more cupboards and a better layout than I have now. I am very fortunate to have a son who is a qualified cabinet maker. He is now an almost qualified electrician so both his trades will be useful in my kitchen reno. This photo was taken after we finished working on the kitchen plans that he had drawn up. This little miss is a very happy little girl and growing up so fast.

It has been a big week, trying to get some quilting done, and checking out prices for kitchen sinks, ovens, hot plates and rangehoods etc.  Thankfully we have had some more rain, so the garden watering is on the back burner for a few days. I am trying not to worry about the mess everywhere and tell myself it won't be long now. I am just waiting for a time frame for the kitchen units to be ready, so that the demolition of this one can be planned and the plumber to do his bit. Just as well I have the electrician so don't need to call another one. The stove is to be shifted so that needs a major wiring job.

Now that I can see the end in sight, I am drawing up a schedule for retreats and classes for 2016. I shall post this on the blog in the scheduled retreats page very soon. I have some names on my list already, so look forward to hearing from you if you are interested in anything at all.

Catch ya later,

Blessings, From Jude


Sue SA said...

Yeah a kitchen make over, exciting but messy! Well really your whole house is getting a mini makeover! Just wanted to say for the few extra $$ I spent I so LOVED my oven - because the sales man explained to me you can request/order special rollers (?) on the racks so they actually slide out of the oven - so much easier and safer when trying to check on or remove a heavy casserole dish and you are leaning over the hot open door. I know your racks pull out now, but this is like the difference of chest of draws 70 years ago (I dont know the right term...sliders/rollers?) when you basically lift and pull it out with all the weight and now when they just pull out with a little finger! Its the one thing about my kitchen in Adelaide I really really miss! The only problem with modern ovens is they are tiny! I had a Bosch oven, but I am sure other brands have this option, just sales people dont bother to try sell that extra...cos it doesnt sound much, but I found it worthwhile as I never burnt my hand on teh rack trying to test a cake or worried about loosing the casserole dish on the floor!

Susan Smith said...

Wow, you've done so much already and now onto the kitchen. Hope all goes to plan and look forward to a retreat hopefully some time this year. Think I need it actually. I must find out about the making of your blog book, as I'd thought about that too. Take care.

Pauline Clark said...

Well done Judy.. It is looking great even @ this stage..
Won.t be long now & it will be so much easier to your workshops.
You are amazing what you have accomplished. Love Pauline.xx