Tuesday, 9 February 2016

More family time

Last Sunday we had an impromptu family BBQ to celebrate my brother's 60th birthday. It was also my baby sisters 45th birthday so a double reason for a gathering. My brother lives about 8 hours away from most of the family, and mum and dad had been hoping he would come for a visit. He is a busy farmer, and never knows what he is doing until the last minute, so it was Saturday before he phoned mum. I shelved my painting plans, (intentions are only intentions aren't they?) and travelled the 2 hours to join them.  I gave him a quilt for his birthday present, although I am not too sure what he will do with it!! My son said he would probably take it out into the tractor, or let the dogs sleep on it!! But it's not my worry now, as I have handed it over. 

My brother and my sister.

Miss Bridie came for the BBQ, and this is a photo of her and another great grandchild, who is one month younger. Miss Bridie would have been grabbing Charlotte, if she had not been held back!!

And of course we took the opportunity for a family photo. It is a rare occasion that all 5 siblings are in the same place at the same time!

I had driven to the city (3 hours away) on Friday for the Valuation Panel meeting, and then home again that night, after a lot of shopping in the afternoon. I had quite a few more things on my list, but ran out of time. I did come home with cupboard door handles for the new kitchen, bathroom mirror, door handles and a few other items. Still looking for a new curtain rod for the lounge, and have to make a decision on kitchen tiles yet. Perhaps another road trip coming up?? 
I think that after the last few days of driving and painting etc, it might an idea for a few days of quilting coming up. I have a month before the kitchen is to start, so plenty of time now to paint in there and pack up the cupboards. The end is in sight!!

Blessings, From Jude

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