Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Progress report

Just an update of where the renovations are up to. I have been working in 2 bedrooms since I finished the lounge, and you can see the contents in the first photo. This "game" of musical furniture just seems to keep on going!

This is one bedroom, which had lovely apricot coloured walls. This was painted early in my patchwork days, and I had floral quilts to match. It took 2 coats to cover the colour........

to this much lighter and "seems more spacious" colour.

The colour looks a bit different again in this photo, and this is tonight after I have put "stuff" back and remade the beds. I still have some colour to put in the room, mainly with quilts on the end of the beds, and a few wall hangings. Someone commented the other day, that they had painted their lounge and taken all the things off the walls, and then decided they liked it without stuff and did not put them back. While I don't mind the "uncluttered" look, I want to hang the things I have made. It is my hobby, my business, and a reflection of who I am. My sister gave me a "Creative Woman" panel once, and I made a quilt with it. I shall find the quilt and post it for you to see.

And this is the same room as in the first photo above, and you can see how much room there is now. The long lounge is still in the dining room as I need some muscle men to move that for me. And then I shall fill this space with the dining table and boxes of stuff from the kitchen as I pack it all up! I am glad it is a large room.

The bathroom and the "little room" are making good progress.  The shower screen will be nearly a month before that is put in as I have to wait for guy to come to town to measure it and he only comes once a month.

That's all for now

Blessings, From Jude

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