Tuesday, 16 February 2016

14 years have passed......

since Cornerstone Creations Machine Quilting commenced. I can't believe it is that long, but maybe that saying that "time flies when you are having fun", really is true!

Back on the 4th February it was 14 years since my first Gammill (which I called Gertie) arrived. Then in 2007 I decided to add another machine. The photo below is of the space where "Max" would go, after the extension to my room was finished.

This photo is of Gertie on her side of the room.

And this is Bruce, who delivered and installed Max, on February 16th, 2007.

These photos show a very "uncluttered" space, but I think if you look in the next room, you might just see where the clutter was moved to while the building and installation took place.

A year later I sold Gertie, and have been happily using Max ever since. I blogged the whole story in February 2015, so won't go into all that now, as I need to get to the machine and get busy.

To celebrate 14 years I am asking for comments to go in a draw for a giveaway. Not sure what it will be yet! Maybe I can give away some of that kitchen stuff in the last post!! (Just kidding!)

Leave me a comment, and I will accept blog comments, emails, and even text messages from you. I look forward to hearing from you all.

 Max is switched on and I have a quilt to baste, before I load another custom. And sometime this week, I need to paint the dining room, as I have emptied that cupboard that I showed you in the last post. Thanks for those who commented on that post, and for your encouraging thoughts.

We have enjoyed some nice weather in the last couple of weeks, but I see the forecast for early next week is up into the 40's again, so I better get busy before that happens.

Blessings, From Jude


Vicki W said...

Happy anniversary to you and Max!

jfoster8 said...

Congrats....long service leave due? Cant believe we have been doing the same thing for roughly the same time. My first machine arrived from Kaye and Bruce in Feb. 2003

Jean McGee said...

I imagine those years have gone quickly for you with all the quilts that have been in and out of your home in that time. The house is looking good with all of your hard work and when it's finished the rewards will come. 🤗🌻

Susan Smith said...

Wow, 14 years, that's great. Congratulations. I got my first short arm in 1999 and had nowhere to put it till nearly 12 months later, moved onto an APQS, that I didn't get on with, then my first Gammill in I think 2007 and been ever so pleased with that brand. Today here has been quite cool, so am loving that. Take care.

Sue said...

Happy birthday, I love seeing all the quilts that you and Max have done, I look forward to seeing mant more 😀😀😀😀

Pauline Clark said...

As I said before Judy. You amaze me with your renovations.
a lot of hard work but the results are fantastic.
Happy 14th birthday. Nearly there.The outcome will be worthwhile.xx

Sue SA said...

Congratulations Judy on all your achievements over the past fourteen years, not only do you have many happy customers, you have lots of lovely ribbons to prove what a quilting whiz you are!

Michele Hill said...

So lovely to watch your house transformation Jude but do take care of yourself……the kitchen will be very exciting! (and be ruthless with the chucking out…..you will only start collecting again like I have!!!)